The Guardians Of The Inferno (Dante)

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Dante's Inferno is one of the best written works of all time because it was written as anallegory inside an excellent story. A key part of this allegory was how Dante useddifferent guardians in the various circles of hell. These guardians were used to symbolizethe punishments of the sinners.Minos is the guardian of Circle II, the circle of the Lustful. He symbolizes an accusingpersonality because his job is to give punishments to the sinners. The bodies of the sinnersconfess the sins automatically, and that shows the sinners know everything aboutthemselves when it is too late to repent. Minos is important because he is used to stressthat none of the sinners can doubt which sins they have committed, and that the crime willreceive a matching punishment. The lustful were carried away by their passions in theirprevious lives, and therefore they are thrown about by a black wind. Dante considers lustto be the highest sin because it is mutually committed to the pleasure of both parties.Cerberus is the guardian of Circle III, the circle of the Gluttons. Cerberus is meant toportray the image of uncontrolled appetite. In mythology, he was known to devourpeople who approached hell, and therefore is a glutton himself. However, being a glutton,he must surrender himself to his appetite. His appetite just overtakes him when Dantethrows dirt in Cerberus' mouth, and the poets are allowed to enter the circle. Cerberus isan example of how everything must submit to the glutton's appetite, including his soul.This is a dark sin because they now worship food instead of God, and this is reciprocatedby the rain, which belies the jolly nature of gluttons and gives them dark temperaments.Gluttony is a sin which involves one person, and it is more of a selfish sin, but thegluttonous are alone because they always ate alone.Pluto is the guardian of Circle IV, the circle of Misers and Spendthrift. Pluto is meantto symbolize riches, as he is the god of wealth that springs from soil in ancient mythology.This is appropriate because he guards those who hoarded money and those who spent itfoolishly. This is a different type of appetite, as these people hate each other becauseeverybody wants to have all the money or spend all of it. These people conflict with eachother, and their mutual hatred for each other is symbolized by their rolling rocks againsteach other. They actually give the punishments to each other. This is also a selfish sin,but it is also hating others who are also selfish. This is why the Misers and Spendthriftsare always battling, with Pluto watching them.Phlegyas is the guardian of Circle V, the circle of the Wrathful. The circle is really theStyx river, and Phlegyas is the ferryman. Phlegyas is the symbol of supreme rage, as heburned Apollo's temple after his daughter Coronis fell in love with him. There are twotypes of wrath, active rage and silent sulleness. The raging ones fight on top of the marshand the sullen ones just sigh deep in the mud. They symbolize...

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