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The Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale Essay

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Interrogative suggestibility can be defined as ‘the extent to which, within a closed social interaction, people come to accept messages communicated during formal questioning, as the result of which their subsequent response is affected’ (Gudjonsson and Clark, 1986, p.84). Gudjonsson and Clark (1986) proposed a few distinguishing features of interrogative suggestibility. First, questioning process is involved relating to past events. Second, at lower range it has significant relationship with memory and intelligence (Gudjonsson, 1988a). Third, one of the essential factors is the acceptance of suggestion offered by the interrogator. Blagrove (1996) suggested that sometimes questions can be ...view middle of the document...

The scale is very useful while measuring suggestibility but scores obtained do not measure suggestible behavior (Gudjonsson & Singh, 1984). This study uses GSS2 to measure suggestibility. GSS2 is discussed more in detail later in the report.

There have been many studies done which suggests that sleep plays an important part in building up and stabilizing memory. In other words, sleep plays a crucial role in consolidating memory (Payne, Ellenbogen, Walker, and Stickgold, 2008b; Smith, 1995). Psychologists have mainly focused their investigations on the formation of false events which is recollected by people even though it never occurred (Brainerd and Reyna, 2005). Horne (1988b) theorized that individuals who were sleep deprived were more suggestible than alert individuals. He suggested that this might be the reason why sleep deprived individuals might be more susceptible to demands by others. Gudjonsson (1992) supported Horne’s (1988b) theory and stated that lack of sleep indeed increases suggestibility. The main aim of the studies discussed above (Blagrove, 1996; Horne, 1988b) was to find whether sleep deprivation made people more susceptible to leading questions. Furthermore, the researchers also tried to find out if sleepy people tend to change their answers more compared to alert people. The research in the area of sleep...

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