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Brotherhood is a thin theme throughout Camus' short story " The Guest" and is not really explored. There is a bond of brotherhood of sorts between Daru and Balducci as both French men and as a father - son type. The father - son bond is implied in the relationship to me by the way that Balducci almost humors Daru and tries to counsel him in a fatherly sort of way when Daru objects to the assignment. His stubborn insistence to grudgingly do the job and the way he treated Balducci caused bad blood between the two men. That is definitely not the sort of thing you want in a location like Daru's.There is also a thin bond of brotherhood of sorts between Daru and (his) Arab prisoner. While Daru may not like his prisoner very much and is very much offended by his stupid crime, Daru felt that turning him over to the authorities was contrary to honor. It is odd that Daru, of all people, would stand on honor considering how Balducci had to struggle with him to get him to follow "orders". Nevertheless, Daru is as hospitable to his "guest" as is possible, even keeping a very loose watch on the prisoner and giving him carte blanche to escape. Daru couldn't do any more to encourage him to escape unless he held the door open personally.How does Camus use the setting and descriptions of the landscape to help present and develop the position of Daru? In "The Guest", Albert Camus uses both the setting and the landscape descriptions sparsely but very effectively to help the reader further under stand Daru and what he is about. The utter and absolute isolation of such an extremely remote posting- a colonial mountain village, at Daru's own request- gives us insight into his character. Daru is not what could even remotely be considered a rugged individualist. He chose his location for the solitude...

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972 words - 4 pages ethnography, “Guest of the Sheik”, we can see a gradually change in Elizabeth Fernea. She began to be accepted by the woman of the villages. I feel that it should be a tough time to fit into a society where it is different than the United States. While reading, I feel like I am learning their culture. I am curious of what kind of new things Elizabeth Fernea will encounter when I keep reading. Works Cited Angeloni, Elvio. Anthropology 13/14. New

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2025 words - 8 pages French playwright Albert Camus once said, “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” In The Stranger and The Guest the overarching theme that those who do not conform to typical societal values and do not adequately relate to others are appraised as a threat to society as a whole. In both works the protagonists isolate themselves, and society isolates them because of their non-conforming beliefs. Both

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870 words - 3 pages Albert Camus was a 20th century French novelist and short story author of Algerian descent. Camus purpose in his writing is to write about what he has seen. "The Guest" can be analyzed in regard to three important literary elements which setting, characterization, and conflict.Alrbert Camus was really influced by growing up in Algeria, and his experiences. He's parents were "semi-proletarian" (Wikipedia pg.1). He moved to France at the age of 25

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2389 words - 10 pages The Hero of Albert Camus' The Guest Although some have called Albert Camus an existentialist, he never consented to the label. Still, he saw many things the way an existentialist sees them. Camus talks of humanity’s aloneness in the universe and their complete freedom and responsibility for their own lives, themes he pulls together with his idea of the absurd. Camus’ story The Guest powerfully expresses his thought on these

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738 words - 3 pages In Albert Camus's "The Guest," an idealistic schoolmaster, Daru, is forced to make many unsettling decisions when ordered to deliver an Arab prisoner to higher authorities in Tinguit. From the beginning, after the prisoner is transferred into his custody, Daru chooses to treat him as a guest rather than a prisoner. Also, Daru decides not to cast judgment on the Arab for the crime of killing his cousin. Lastly, Daru chooses not to play God and

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771 words - 3 pages Sometimes reading fiction not only makes us pleasure but also brings many knowledge about history and philosophy of life. ‘The Guest’ by the French writer Albert Camus is a short story and reflects the political situation in French North Africa in 1950s. According to this story, we know the issues between the France and the Arab in Algeria, and the protagonist, Daru, refuses to take sides in the colonial conflict in Algeria. This is not a boring

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697 words - 3 pages Power of the Mind Revealed in Albert Camus' “The Guest” In “The Guest”, a short story written by Albert Camus, Camus uses his views on existentialism to define the characters’ values. Camus’ effective use of descriptive words and individual thoughts and actions allows the reader to understand and sympathize with the characters’ judgments of one another, predominantly pertaining to the characters Daru and the Arab. Daru’s responses to the

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791 words - 3 pages With the Guest by Andrew Camus: The Character of Daru      We have had the opportunity in the last month to read many short story selections, giving us examples of many different things. When asked to pick a character to analyze it was a tough decision but I would have to go with the story that most interested me to choose my character. This story would be "With the Guest", written by Albert Camus. With the

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