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The Guest Worker Program Essay

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The Guest Worker Program
The paper that I am writing will be on the topic of immigration, more specifically the immigration bill. In the bill I will focus more so on the section that will establish the guest worker program. The guest worker program is a great starting initiative to fighting illegal immigration, but it would do more damage than reparation. In this paper I will discuss in detail what the guest worker program is and its implements, and why it should be revised. I will present numerous arguments as to why the guest worker program portion of the bill should be revised and changed, and will then present a revision.
Jamestown settlement, Plymouth Rock, Angel Island, Ellis Island, and a multitude of other historical destinations all have something in common, they were all used by immigrants, either seeking religious freedom or searching for a new livelihood and opportunities, which paved the way to the successful, prosperous nation we have today. Although immigration seems like a new problem from recent news reports and is even looked down upon by many people, it has always existed, and even founded this country.
There are even numerous holidays, which the American citizens celebrate such as Columbus day or Thanksgiving, which had it not been for the ideas of the Pilgrims or Spaniards to immigrate, whether for God or gold, would not exist; Immigration, if anything, has actually contributed much to the history and growth of this nation. Therefore immigration is not the problem in these stories that consists of raids of undocumented workers or border killings. It’s the lack of security, lack of law enforcement, and lack of ways to enter legally without full citizenship that all contribute to the root cause.
The three listed contributing factors of the root cause of illegal immigration are seen in many different forms, which can be broken down into the problems people see occurring in their backyards, for those that live near the border; political debates; and television news shows and reports. One problem is the ease of access terrorists and criminals have when crossing the U.S. border, because security is as strict as it should be many are able to sneak in under the disguise of an undocumented worker (Kane). Another issue with security is the border is too open and unguarded in many areas allowing for more than 700,000 illegal immigrants to cross over into the United States, adding to the already ten million aliens that reside here (Kane). The leniency for these illegal aliens distorts the law, which in turn weakens the legal and national security environment, because the basic foundation of integrity and ethics that they sit upon is compromised, which leads to a faulty trust and a relationship of fallacy between the American people and the legal and security system (Kane). An additional issue that illegal immigrants create is resource depletion by taking advantage of resources such as the medical and education system, and not...

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