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A manager should have a set of guidelines or rules to keep in the back of his or her mind to keep everything running smoothly. According to there are fifty rules to be successful leader, but I will focus on what I feel are the top ten. I have seen them in action at and they have influenced how I would lead when I lead.
The number one rule would be Leadership is confusing as hell. I feel this is important to remember because one must remember every leadership position is different and thus must be approached differently. I saw this when I was an employee for Sears Holding Corporation at its Groveport, Ohio distribution center. Each manager of the different departments had to run his/her department differently.
The number two rule would be Leaders love the mess. I feel this is important to remember because a leader must embrace chaos. The chaos all the different people, personalities and situations and during it make it work for the greater good. I experienced this when I was a summer camp in sixth grade, the consoler somehow managed to keep all of us inline and where we need to be.
The number three would be the leader is rarely -- possibly never? -- the best performer. One must remember that one does not have to be the best to lead people to be his/her best. His/her talent is leading the people under him/her. I experienced this while working at Ross’ Market Basket in my hometown. Our team leader Jason, made a lot of mistakes, and was not as quick and efficient as most of us, but he knew how to keep us on task how to deal with any situation that arose.
The number four rule would be Leaders understand the ultimate power of relationships, or knew the people who work for you. A leader must know the limitations of the individuals who support him or her and not ask something of them they cannot complete. My...

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