The Gun Control Debate: Is It A Violation Of The Constitution?

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The Gun Control Debate: Is it a Violation of the Constitution?
The United States Constitution is regarded as the supreme law of the land. When it was drafted over two centuries ago, the goal of the founding fathers was to provide for the general welfare and common defense of all citizens, establish a more perfect Union and insure domestic tranquility for the United States of America. Unfortunately, this tranquility has been disturbed by unnecessary tragedies at the hand of armed individuals. Tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting and the Columbine massacre, where armed individuals took the life of innocent civilians mercilessly, have shaken our communities and forced us to take a different approach when it comes to gun safety. Gun control has been the topic of many heated debated in recent years. We have, as a nation, become so accustomed to firearms in our everyday lives whether for protection, hunting, or self-defense, that we have forgotten that firearms are dangerous and deadly weapons. The second amendment of the Constitution grants all individuals the right to bear arm; however, this amendment continues to be used and abused by individuals who chose to interpret it differently than it was originally intended. It is our duty, as citizens of this great nation, to open our eyes wide and realize that this problem is not going to fix itself. Although the right for all individual to bear arm is granted and secure in our Constitution, it is imperative for the safety our population to regulate all gun purchases and tighten by the requirements necessary to purchase a firearm in order to prevent further tragedies from occurring.
Perhaps the most well-known argument given against gun control is that it is a violation of the Constitution. Members of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other people against gun control are adamant that guns have always been a part of the American culture and any laws restricting the ability to purchase a firearm is a violation of the right to bear arm granted in the Constitution. Our founding fathers found it necessary to include the second amendment in the Constitution which clearly states that all individuals have “the right to keep and bear arms”, therefore it is undeniable that the removal all private ownerships of firearms would be a violation of the Constitution (Chioccetti 2). However, what some people fail to realize is that the issue of gun control is not about the complete removal of firearms in our everyday life. Removing guns to stop further deaths is not the solution to the problem, just like removing cars is not the solution to stop people from driving under the influence. Gun control is about regulating all gun purchases and tightening the requirements necessary to make sure that they do not end up in the hands of a person with malicious intent. Some people may also argue that guns do not kill people, people kill people. The validity in this argument is that a gun in itself is not dangerous without...

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