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The H.L Hunley Submarine Essay

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The H.L Hunley was invented in 1863 by Confederate engineer, Horace Lawson Hunley. It was very small and was hand cranked by the operators inside. 8 men would crank the shaft down the middle, which would propel the ship forward. The submarine could go up and down if they crouched or jumped up. Before the H.L Hunley was invented, the only way they can only sink enemy ships by torpedoes that were planted underwater. The torpedo was connected to a fuse box on the land and when they thought that the enemy ships were on top of the torpedo, they pulled the switch and tried to destroy the enemy ship. Also, neither side talked to their citizens about submarines because it was considered illegal in both the confederate and union states. BUT, the confederates soon broke this law when they built the H.L Hunley. Eventually the Hunley made history. It was February 17 1864 and the Union had a blockade issued there. The union ships were blocking cargo ships from entering Confederate trading ports. Since this was issued, they needed a way to get rid of the blockade because with the lack of supplies, they were going to be starved of ammunition and food. SO, this is finally where the H.L Hunley makes history! The Hunley had a prototype torpedo on board designed to be aimed at enemy ships. this is what made the Hunley famous. She hit the ship around the middle of the ship and launched it. It couldn’t travel very far, so it had to be literally be right in front of it to actually sink it. The name of the ship it sunk was the U.S.S Houstatonic. Shortly after the Houstatonic sunk, the Confederates and the Union both acknowledged to the public of their use with submarines. The public widely opposed their use due to the fact that they were sneaky. They thought of them as unfair sportsmanship, but the union and the confederates still used them. Then tragedy struck. During a training exercise, the Hunley sunk and her where abouts were unknown for 131 years. In 1970, Archaeologist E.Lee Spence located the H.L.Hunleys coorodinates and kept them secret until he donated the find to the State of South Carolina in 1995. They later raised up the H.L Hunley from the deep in 2000, and still continue to find secrets to why the submarine sunk and it’s legacy. There are many reasons and theories to why the submarine sunk. I do recall one article that i read and it stated that,” THE H.L HUNLEY SUNK...

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