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The haber process is one of the most important discoveries in the past few centuries. The process is a chemical reaction.
N2 (g) + 3H22 (g) ⇌ 2NH3 (g)
The binding of Nitrogen molecules in the air to Hydrogen molecules to produce Ammonia, the double (⇌) arrows in the equation states that the equation is reversible. As the equation works both ways the Ammonia can decompose back into Nitrogen and Hydrogen molecules.
Basically it’s turning air into fertiliser and without this process, farmers wouldn’t be able to produce enough food to feed the world. Nitrate is an essential nutrient for plants to survive. Plants consume the nitrogen the soil as they grow and this nitrogen can be regenerated by ...view middle of the document...

After awhile the two reactions reach the same speed and when these reaction speeds are equal, we say the reaction has reached a Chemical equilibrium. This is not as good as it sounds because what Haber needed was just a whole lot of Ammonia and definitely didn’t want ammonia to decompose.
This is where, Henry Le Chatelier a French Chemist came in play. Le Chatelier’s Principle surrounding the chemical equilibrium stated that when a system at equilibrium is stressed the system will work to restore the equilibrium. Le Chatelier also found that is you increased the pressure of the system the system will try to work back to the pressure it had.
Haber realised that if he wanted to form large amounts of Ammonia he had to develop a machine that was capable of continually adding nitrogen and hydrogen, while also increasing the pressure and temperature on the equilibrium system. Of course this is what he construct but added a catalyst of iron oxide to speed up the reaction.
We can relate this process to the Collision theory. The Collision theory states...

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