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The Hacker Subculture Essay

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Hacker subculture[1] is heavily dependent on technology. It has produced its own slang and various forms of unusual alphabet use, for example l33tspeak. Such things are usually seen as an especially silly aspect by the academic hacker subculture.[citation needed] In part due to this, the slangs of the two subcultures differ substantially.[citation needed] Political attitude usually includes views for freedom of information, freedom of speech, a right for anonymity and most have a strong opposition against copyright.[citation needed] Writing programs and performing other activities to support these views is referred to as hacktivism by the subculture. Some go as far as seeing illegal cracking ethically justified for this goal; the most common form is website defacement.[citation needed]

Hacker culture is frequently compared to the Wild West: a male-dominated Frontier to conquer.[3]

Hacker groups

Main articles: hacker conference and hacker group

The network hacking subculture is supported by regular real-world gatherings called hacker conventions or "hacker cons". These have drawn more people every year including SummerCon (Summer), DEF CON, HoHoCon (Christmas), PumpCon (Halloween), H.O.P.E. (Hackers on Planet Earth) and HEU (Hacking at the End of the Universe).[citation needed] They have helped expand the definition and solidify the importance of the network hacker subculture.[citation needed]

Hacking and the media
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Hacker magazines

Main category: Hacker magazines

The security hackers have also edited some magazines, most notably:

* Phrack
* 2600: The Hacker Quarterly
* Hakin9

While the information contained in hacker magazines and ezines was often outdated, they improved the reputations of those who contributed by documenting their successes.[4]

Hackers in fiction

Hackers from the network hacking subculture often show an interest in fictional cyberpunk and cyberculture literature and movies. Absorption of fictional pseudonyms, symbols, values, and metaphors from these fictional works is very common.[citation needed]

Books portraying hackers:

* The cyberpunk novels of William Gibson novels — especially the Sprawl Trilogy — are very popular with hackers.[5]
* Hackers (short stories)
* Snow Crash
* Helba from the dot .hack manga and anime series.

Films also portray hackers:

* WarGames
* The Matrix series
* Hackers
* Die Hard 4.0
* Swordfish
* The Net
* The Net 2.0
* Antitrust
* Enemy of the State
* Sneakers
* Untraceable

Non-fiction books

* The Hacker Crackdown
* Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution

Hacker attitudes

The term "hacker" has a number of different...

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