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The Hallyu Wave Essay

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Americans believe that after ‘N Sync, boy bands were dead and then brought back by One Direction. Although One Direction is a British group, American has accepted them as the return of boy bands. That can be proven wrong by looking over at South Korea. While ‘N Sync lasted seven years a Korean boy band, Shinhwa, has been together for sixteen years and is still ongoing, meaning that One Direction was not the return of boy bands, but have just been added to the list. Kpop has been alive for very long and has found its way into peoples’ hearts. The fame that follows Kpop has introduced people into the Korean culture and has influence other parts of the world. Although KPop is a very important factor in the spread of Korean culture many people do not know what Kpop is, therefore the question would be what is Kpop and who are the biggest Kpop stars?

The Hallyu Wave is a “wave- like” South Korean trend spreading across the world. The term Hallyu was first used when the Chinese noticed the popularity of Korean entertainment in China by the late 1990s. Since then the meaning of the word has slightly changed to mean the popularity of Korean entertainment as it spreads around the world ( Korean culture has spread due to multiple factors including the interest for Korean dramas, culture, and popular music, also known as K- Pop. Another contributor to the popularity of Korean culture is the internet. As more people surf the internet many more discover popular Korean culture, and as more discover the foreign culture even more learn to love K- Pop and consequently use the internet to feed their addiction for the Korean popular music.

The making of K- Pop can be seen mostly through the influence of two countries and the events that transpired due to those countries. In 1945 when Japan ended their colonization of S. Korea, America quickly replaced Japanese troops to protect Korea from an attack from the North. While America was in South Korea they quickly brought in technology which displaced Korea’s traditional sounds, such as Pansoori and Ppongtchack. In 1990 J- Pop, Japanese Pop was introduced into Korea. Japanese pop and the technology brought in by America quickly influenced K- Pop, but it was the government in 1997 that pushed forward the idea of spreading the Korean Culture to help them rebuild their economy (

Korean pop music, K- Pop, can be mostly seen as a group of two or more members. Some of the boy bands and girl groups that debuted around the 1990s include Seo Taiji & The Boys, Turbo, H.O.T., Diva, Shinhwa and many more. These older boy bands and girls groups marked the beginning of a new generation of music. They incorporated a lot Western and J- Pop music signatures into their songs. These K- Pop artists include English lyrics in their songs, “we live for this love,” (This Love) sings group Shinhwa referring to the love of their fans and how much they have worked to reach their goal. While having Western mixes...

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