The Hangover Part Iii Movie Expectations

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The Hangover Part III is exactly what is expected for a movie sequel of this caliber. The Hangover (2009), the original, was hysterical. It is a classic comedy that can be enjoyed over and over, and it still seems to be funny. I did not think a sequel was needed. However, they made one. After the first one being so great I just had to see the second one. The Hangover Part II was significantly less funny, but still has some good laughs throughout the film. Leaving, The Hangover Part III, the final film in the comedic trilogy. They storyline is fine, and actually flows well through all three movies. The final movie is simply not funny. While watching it in theaters I probably laughed once, and the rest of the audience maybe twice.
Opening the movie Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is riding down the interstate with a giraffe he has purchased for a pet. Naturally, the giraffe dies when he hits an over pass. After this horrific event, Alan’s father, Sid, dies of a heart attack brought on by his rage at Alan. The gang or wolf pack as Alan calls them, decides it is time to get Alan some help for his mental issues. On the way to the rehabilitation facility their vehicle is run off the road. They are all captured by Marshall (John Goodman); the gangster who “Black Doug” (Mike Epps) received his drugs in the first film. Marshall informs the gang that Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong) has stolen 42 million dollars in gold from him, and he wants it back. Chow has been in prison the past two years and Alan has been the only person to communicate with him. So Marshall needs Alan to get in contact with Chow to get the gold that was stolen from him. To ensure that this task is complete he takes Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) as a hostage until he receives Chow. This throws the movie into action when the gang is lead to Mexico, and then back to Las Vegas looking for Chow and trying to get their friend back once again. It does play out with a lot of action and Doug being restored to the wolf pack. However, the movie concludes with Alan meeting his soul mate, the two of them getting married, and Alan resigning from the wolf pack....

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