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The Happiest Toddler On The Block By Harvey Karp, M.D

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There are many causes on why a child or teenager may misbehave. There could be issues at home, with family, other kids, peer pressure, and the list goes on. This can affect family, friends and their own lives in a negative way. “Understanding why children engage in bad behavior is critical to curbing it”, illustrates Harvey Karp, M.D, a pediatrician and author of the book and DVD “The Happiest Toddler On The Block”. In that case, there is a lot to be learned about the cause of misbehavior.
First off, Raykeil Hiedi, a Health Source author, states “When kids are tired, hungry, or not feeling well, they get cranky and irritable”. This makes complete sense because those same factors affect us even as we grow older. As an adult, we learn how to deal with it and don’t show as much emotion.
Second, “A tired child is almost not a child but a monster waiting to spoil your plans,” says Lori Bulloch of North Salt Lake, Utah, mother of a four year old, two year old, and a four month old. “It’s worth it for me to arrange my schedule around nap times. a rested child is simply a different child.” Bulloch adds. Children who get a satisfying nap sometime throughout the day will be happier than a child who doesn’t take or receive one.
Furthermore, “Kids naturally seek attention.” states Raykeil Hiedi again. This can cause children to act out so mommy and daddy will pay attention to them. The child wants to know that their parents care about what they’re doing, even if the child acts out in a good or bad behavior.
“Young children will try out all kinds of phrases and expressions and take note of which ones get a reaction from you,” says Linda Braun, executive director of Families First, a parenting center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Again with the attention factor, kids just want to be noticed.
“Even the mellowest child might misbehave or act out when he’s scared.” Raykeil also adds. If a child becomes scared, they will often scream or cry so you will come to their aid. In unusual situations, the toddler may not be familiar with what's happening or what people are doing and why. This can affect how they deal with the situation, weather they throw a tantrum or simply avoid everything and everybody.
In addition, Edward t. Hall, author of “Why do They Misbehave?”, advises “The younger generation is blamed to have bad manners, authority, and disrespect others”. This may be true in some cases, but not all juveniles act irresponsibly or disrespect others. A lot of these problems are often caused by peer pressure.
Edward T. Hall also states “But a generally more reliable way to solve the ‘pressure problem or ‘pressure principle’ is to look at the cause. And this, fortunately, is very simple: the teenager wants to be recognized; he wants to be somebody.” Teenagers, just like children, want to be recognized.
However, “I have suggested that the easy manners, curious taste in clothes, haircuts, music and night clubs, and garish vocabulary of some modern youth is...

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