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The Happiness Project Essay

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The Tetris Effect is an interesting occurrence that metaphorically explains the way our brain interprets and acts towards worldly situations around us. The side effects of the Tetris Effect can either be positive or negative depending on the individual. Though, there are positive effects, the results always lean towards the negative side. Whenever this effect occurs, negativity follows, whether at home, work, or even at school.
After hours of playing Left 4 Dead 2 with my roommate, I thought it was going to be a peaceful night. After finishing all our homework for the night we decided to have a game night where she would teach me how to play video games since I did not know how to. She introduced the game and I thought that it would be fun since I like watching scary movies. We turned off the lights and decided to play in the dark because she said that it is more fun that way. While playing the game it seemed fun shooting zombies and I was really enjoying it. It never occurred to me that I would continue to see zombies after we were done playing the games. When I say seeing zombies, it doesn’t necessarily mean seeing actual zombies, but what is your brain supposed to think after playing a zombie game. When I decided to go to the bathroom, someone appeared from the stairway and my immediate thought was that it is a zombie, after acknowledging that and noticing that I do not have an weapons, my next thought was to make run for it. It so happens that that person that appeared was my friend, it was really embarrassing when I heard the story the next day when she saw me. Until now, it is still a memory for both of us, but that does not change the fact that because of an unconscious development of paranoia, I made a fool out of myself.
Have you ever played The Sims? Do you notice the comical language that they speak? My first time playing The Sims was an interesting one. It is a really fun game with real life situations. I got addicted to it the first time I played it. At first I use to play it without audio and then one day I decided to give it a try with the audio. Of course, the language that they spoke was gibberish and did not make any sense to me, but at the same time it was comical. I was always amused when listening to it and after the first time I would always turn the volume up just to hear them talk. But, l never knew how bad it...

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