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The Hardships Of College Life Essay

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You're all excited because you've just graduated high school, and you can't wait to leace your hometown and go off to college, without the parents around! The time finally comes for you to move in to your dorm room and start school. You can't believe that you're actually away from home and in college. You can do whatever youwant in your spare time, without your parents saying a word about it, truthfully, because they don't know about what you're doing in your spare time, and you don't have to tell them. But after just two months of class and dorm life, you've come face to face with all the hardships of college life and realized that a student's like is not always a happy one.One of your main problems is a financial issue. You're not living solely off of mommy and daddy anymore; you've got to pay for you own stuff now. You had to buy four books just for the first semester of school, which cost you over three hundred dollars. And that was with three of the four books being used books, so they were cheaper than they would've been if they were new. You've also got to buy your own groceries so you'll be able to have something to ear and drink, and that costs you about one hundred dollars a week. Then the monthly bills come in, like your cell phone bill, the bill for your car insurance, the bill for your gas card, nd any other bill that needs to be paid monthly. So, that's a lot of money for a student without a job to have to pay.After spending most of your savings, you decide that maybe it would be best if you went out and got a job. So, next you begin the search for a job, whick is tough to do in a college town since most college students would need a job also. After applying at many banks, restaurants, and different stores in each mall in your town, you finally land a job at American Eagle at the largest mall in town. They set up your work schedule around your classes, so you've...

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