The Harmful Effects Of Cigarettes Essay

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Smokers are all over the place, they can be easily seen with a cigarette in their hand almost anywhere. "Staying away from smokers and avoid being exposed to it, is one of the best way for ones health," says Dr. Bartlett. Knowing that smoking is a hazardous health threat globally in the world, banning it would be one of the best thing to do. Smoking, an act as harmful as using other banned and illegal drugs, kills more people than those drugs, lead people to be exposed of second-hand smoke, and causes people to abuse their usage of these drugs which leads to health issues; thus, we need to ban the use of cigarettes in our country to stop the death rate and the problem of addiction.
Two of the major factors that mostly influences one to smoke are friends and going to parties or clubs. Telling one to quit without an understanding of the health issues involved in smoking, is not quite a successful thing to do (Babatunde 149). In the article of Babatunde, it tells us a way to target those that are influenced in smoking with:
Peer education in schools emphasizing knowledge of the health implications from smoking as well as early diagnosis of smoking related health problems will go a long way in encouraging smoking cessation (Babatunde 155).
This will be a good factor in targeting those at a young age to understand the risk of smoking because, therefore, it gives them a chance to say no to these kind of stuff that they may be influence by their friends. In this world there may be some smokers who wants to seek for help, but an issue is that they do not access services for help. The cause of this can be because our services do not focus on expanding, therefore, this should be one of our main focus of targeting (Uppal 1). Expanding our services can help a smoker to quit because what they need is encouragement and motivation to help them.
The use of tobacco is one of the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States (Secondhand Smoke 2048). Smokers do not realize they are endangering those that are around them because many people are being exposed to second-hand smoke. One way to stop people from being exposed is with:
At the same time, smoke-free laws should be fully implemented to achieve their maximal effect, providing more widespread protection to the population. These are important steps in protecting the young adult population, many of whom still experience significant exposure, from the harmful health effects of SHS.’ (Secondhand Smoke 2054)
By doing this so, therefore, many people will not experience the health risk that a smoker will go through later on in life. It is said that quitting smoking before 35 years of age infers practically no excess risk of tobacco-related diseases or death compared with never-smokers. There are numerous of health issues involved in smoking, which can be: cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, and lung disease (Benefits of Smoking...

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