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The Harmful Effects Of Fast Food On A Society

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Throughout the ages, fast food has played a major role in our society in both positive and negative ways. It has boosted our economy and been a part of American and worldwide culture for decades. Despite all the positive effects fast food may have, the method of manufacturing fast food is often forgotten. The processed food is made with harmful bacteria and mixed meat that negatively is affecting America without many people realizing it. Companies are using clever advertising methods to reach out to young kids which does not only develop bad habits at a young age, but intoxicates their health as well. Fast food is growing chain by chain and is even reaching schools across the states. As a result child obesity is increasing yearly and is effecting not only their physical but mental health as well. What our society does not understand is that the health risks outweigh the few minutes of satisfaction the cheap food brings. Many of the leading causes of death caused by fast food are diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity. Child obesity is increasing daily as the tremendous amounts of money spent on marketing products are soaring. This leads to the harmful effects fast food has on our growing society.
Large fast food companies have been targeting children by exposing their products through the help of many social networking cites and public media. As our connection to media is expanding daily, fast food companies are targeting their audience through exposing name brands, new products on television, marketing through public billboards and now even through schools. Some marketers are even tracking high schooners and contacting them via cell phone or twitter to try to record data and develop personalized behavior charts for their companies. Powerful promotions are constantly being integrated into children’s everyday lives through social media and one on one interaction. Researchers are observing marketing every day and numerous health advocates are getting concerned about these new marketing paradigms greatly effecting the youth. These industries and companies are now pushing products onto young consumers who are not given the proper information to fully comprehend the consequences of their impetuous actions.
“What's more, growing research suggests that biological and psychosocial attributes of the adolescent experience may play an important role in making teens more vulnerable to marketing. Research on brain development, for example, has found that the prefrontal cortex -- which controls inhibition -- may not fully mature until early adulthood. Meanwhile, children entering puberty experience hormonal changes that make them more receptive to environmental stimuli. (Author -Jeff Chester)”
Having not gone through full developing of the adolescent brain young teens are more impressionable to advertising. They are exposed to such high inventive marketing tactics, when distracted they can be easily misguided.
For some fast food...

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