The Harper Project Essay

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It was 4:30 p.m., when an intellectual, thin-figured business woman named Emily Thorogood had just landed at the Ottawa International Airport. Relaxed and returned from her business trip, Emily had no idea of the grave danger that lied 2 minutes ahead. She tied back her long brown hair and stood up in the aisle, simply waiting to get out.

Unsuspectingly, she got off the plane and headed into the airport. As she entered the baggage claim area, she immediately spotted two enormously built men in black suits, suspiciously “eye-balling” her. She made her way to the luggage carousel & grabbed her bags. As she turned around to walk away, she ran into, what seemed to be, a brick wall. But when she lifted her head to see what she’d hit, she realised that it was one of the black-suited men. Emily was so deathly frightened that she could barely utter a sound, let alone a word. Unfortunately, the man spoke.

From this man, came a low voice, in a rather familiar French accent. “Would you please come with me and my colleague, Madame? We’d like to ask you a few questions.” said the man. Emily, still in paralytic fear, said nothing, did not blink, but merely walked nervously between the two giants. The men led her through secret corridors, all the way to a little room with not but a table with a dimly lit swivel lamp upon it. Emily now knew she was in grave danger.

The man who hadn’t spoken closed the door behind them and locked it. “If you please sit down & make yourself comfortable. We only have a few minutes.” said the man who had previously spoken,” So let’s make this quick.” At that instant, the man who hadn’t spoken placed a briefcase, along with its combination written on a piece of paper, on the table. “I’d like you to take this briefcase with you, as well as the combination, back to your home. Lock every door & window, isolate yourself in one room & once you’re safe you must open the briefcase with the combination given. Inside you’ll find a top-secret instruction. Read the instruction precisely & complete the task that is asked of you. That is all I can say for now, but please do this stealthily and quickly, since you have very little time.” the man finally concluded. His large index finger pointed her to the door and the man calmly said: “Goodbye now.”

As Emily left the room, she was staggered by such an overwhelming & unexpected confusion, that she felt quite disoriented and weak in the knees. But before she could continue trudging along, the man who had not spoken before finally spoke: “Oh! Mrs. Thorogood...” “Yes?” replied Emily in a shaky voice. “Must you fail to complete the task that is given, in the time period indicated, we will find you and we will kill you.” At that moment, the door slammed in front of her.
For a moment, Emily stood there with her jaw wide open and her heart pounding 3 beats per second. She couldn’t believe, nor could she understand all that had just happened. But she finally woke up from her dreadful day-dream...

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