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The Harry Potter Series: It All Ends

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The journey all started when J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter series, published the first installment of her marvelous tale of The Boy Who Lived, and went further and wrote six more classics. I’m afraid to say that the movies did not get the same appeal until the actual end. Manohla Dargis, a writer for the New York Times, brings this problem to light about the Harry Potter movie series. She says, “With only two or so hours of story time, the movies have been forced to sacrifice swaths of her material” (Dargis). Steve Kloves, the screenwriter for Harry’s last adventure, could have made the movie much better; instead, he overlooks some noteworthy details in Rowling’s work. Even if they did not catch it all on camera, Hornaday, a writer from the Washington Post, assures us “Harry Potter movie [‘s] … unfussy illustration of a story … will always be captured best in readers' imaginations” (Hornaday). If one has read the books and watched the movies, I believe their perception of the movie will be better and know the true beginning and ending of this well told saga of witchcraft and wizardry.

Nonetheless, Harry Potter goes out with a flamboyant finish in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow Part Two. This long eventful movie filled with thrilling actors, amazing battles, and brilliant camera angles, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two shines with glorious battles, drama, and romance. It has been ten years, and I have seen the movies (I have also read the series) grow and develop over these eight installments of the Harry Potter series. The franchise is not the only thing that has grown the actors have, too. This last movie shows some careful detail and has more effects that will leave the viewer’s, wondering “Is this the end?”

Unfortunately, it is, but just because the movies are finished, does not mean that Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, and Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley will not be on the screen any longer. Harry is perfectly dynamic in this final movie. Harry’s valor and heroics are shown at their peaks when facing his dark, snake like face adversary Voldemort. Hermione’s brilliance and quick thinking have always gotten the trio out of the dragon’s flames. Ron shows his grand sense of humor.

This is just the beginning of the trio’s careers. "Harry Potter may be about wizards and wands dementors and dragons, spells and sorcery,” – Hornaday begins to say, “But the real magic lies in its stars” (Hornaday). Radcliffe has already taken up a new horror film called The Woman in Black. Grint, on the other hand, has had some terrible movies, but the Harry Potter series will show his potential in other movies and Watson has also worked in between the Harry Potter series, and most of her movies are reasonable such as Ballet Shoes. Harry Potter just opened the doors for these three. They used to be age eleven just starting out their careers, now they have matured and are holding their own in...

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