The Harsh World Of Opinions Essay

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"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." This quote by Mother Teresa describes us how we act now, we are too busy judging people that we don't even get to know them first. In our society and the book " The Chrysalids" by John Wyndham we outcast people and hurt them even though they didn't do anything wrong. Through these situations we notice how scary we can be towards others that are innocent. We are prejudice to many different people for a ton of different reasons and two of them are to Muslims and mutants. Prejudice that happens to the Muslims and the mutants of Waknuck starts with a root cause, the things that occur to them and the statistics.
In both our society and Waknuck's our root and cause is similar. We tend to believe in things that aren't true, like how the "Americans believe things that aren't true about Muslims ." The people of Waknuck are just like us, they determine what is and isn't human from two books. In both societies, we tend to believe incomplete facts and we assume what we hear is correct. Also, a big factor that lead people to thinking of the Muslims like this is because of 9/11. 9/11 wasn't creating by all the Muslims only a few, but we see all Muslims in a different way because of this. The mutants of Waknuck never did something like this, but they were always seen as scapegoats. These factors aren't the only thing we have in common, what occurs to them is also similar.
Many things occur to the people who are getting judged. Since most people are prejudice to Muslims , hate crime rates towards the Muslim have grown rapidly in 2001. In Waknuck something very similar is happening, as the deviation rates raise they are trying to find more and more mutants and try to hurt them. Not only are they hurting them, they are also making them outcasts. We, like the people of Waknuk don't let them live like how everyone else does. Fringes is a scary place where mutants are sent to, while we still let Muslims live in...

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