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The Harvest In A Spiritual Journey

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Religion and science are the two biggest forces to affect humans in a brief and truth. The end of science is beginning of the religion. Science is studying of material, which is researching the truth, and it must be partitioned to knowledge and theory. Religion is maintaining people's hearts. The purpose of religion is also studying the truth, but it more focus on the life and experience. Jane Goodall is the author of "In The Forest Of Gombe". In her article, looking for the definition of human beings and science and religion is not conflicting with each other; those are Jane Goodall's spiritual journey. Like many Christians, she also shakes faith in God when she faces to suffering and death. However, she still firmly believes that the existence of God. Life is not only for the solution of the material, but it also needs the spirit of inner satisfaction. Science cannot eliminate the spiritual principles and religion cannot deny the value of science. Both must be complementary to each other and contribute to the life. Moreover, the meaning of life lies in the unity of sanity to death and treating animals well.
There has a common emotion between humans and chimpanzees, and it does not mean that human beings can hunt, capture, trade or be used as a scientific experiment objects. Goodall mentions that she records and observes the behavior of chimps and understands their thinkings for more than twenty-five years. In so many years of observation and research, Goodall finds that humans and chimps have a common in emotions. She mentions that Fifi is Fanni's mother, and Fifi takes care of her children very well. As Goodall says, "On an Open grassy ridge the chimps climbed into a massive mbula tree, where Fifi, replete from the morning's feasting made a large comfortable nest high above me. She dozed through a midday siesta, little Fanni asleep in her arms" (Goodall 146). Fanni is Fifi's child. Goodall finds the maternal love on Fifi. The scene shows that chimpanzee has tender care for her kindred. There is no doubt that human beings always have "love", and chimpanzees also have such ability in Goodall' observation. The gap is only 1% between chimp and human genes, which means that Goodall finds the pure goodness of human nature in chimpanzees. In the observation of chimpanzees, the behaviors are similar to humans social behavior. Goodall refers "I heard sounds of greetings as Fifi and her family joined Melissa and hers" (147). Through this process, she finds many precious qualities of chimpanzees. Chimpanzee have a variety of postures and gestures to communicate with others. The core of this finding is that chimpanzees not only have family ambience, but also have a friendship. Such behaviors and thinkings are almost the same with human beings. However, people cannot only pay attention to chimp's resemblances. The most pressing problem is how humans and other creatures get along well. As Goodall asks...

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