The Harvey Company And Its History

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The Harvey Company and its history
Fred Harvey company is named after Fred Harvey a British immigrant to south west America. Harvey arrived in the America, in 1875, Harvey conceived an idea that was to change the landscape of the south west more rapidly than the ongoing railway construction would ever achieve. His idea was to open eating points for travelers along the railway lines and especially at the depots where the travelers would alight.
The idea was embraced by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway, which were then struggling to finance the construction of the railway (Southern Methodist University). The eating points were bound to attract other new businesses which would, in turn, increase the tax revenue needed to finance the constructions. While the Harvey initiative was a risk, it instantly paid off when the travelers settled down to enjoy the convenience of the Harvey food. The Harvey business then concentrated on improving the quality of their food to make the eating points a favorite destination.
The expectations of both Harvey and AT&SF were not disappointed as the travelers instantly fell for the new developments. The travelers who were used to packed meals were then able to enjoy free food at the railway stop. Due to increased demand, Harvey had to open several other eating houses along the railway line. The payoffs were not to Harvey Company alone. The railway business for the AT &SF also improved since it was almost the only line with such a Harvey initiative. The travelers considered AT&SF a more convenient route to travel due to the presence of the Harvey chain. The AT&SF Railway therefore found it productive to invest in more chains along its lines.
After the death of Harvey the business was taken over by his son Ford. Ford undertook the integration of the Indian art in to the Harvey business. According to the new arrangement handled through the Harvey Indian department, the natives were hired to weave mats, creates artistic impressions about their culture, make jewelry and engage in pottery. The products from this engagement were used by the Harvey Company as souvenirs for visitors who made regular stop in the Harvey houses. The souvenirs served an excellent purpose of exposing the Indian culture to the rest of the world, therefore making the Indian Territory a tourist attraction destination. Many people were then inclined to visit the Indians territory to have firsthand information about the incredible American Indians, their culture and artistry.
The vanishing Indians before the Harvey Company existed
While Harvey Company came into existence in 1875, the American Indians had been through a lot of pressure due the encroachment of foreigners in their lands. Before the foreigners came, the red Indians as are also called had their own system of politics, religion and culture. There were chiefdoms and administrative as well as justice system in the land of the Indians which was immediately dismissed by the...

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