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The Haudenosaunee 5 Page Report On Iraquois Indians (Works Cited)

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The Haudenosaunee, commonly known as the Iroquois or the "Five Civilized Tribes", were the first to develop democracy in the world. The Iroquois were primarily found in upstate New York, Canada, and Wisconsin surrounding the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawrence River. The Iroquois were a swidden culture who also incorporated hunting and gathering as part of their culture. Haudenosaunee means "people building a longhouse" which is a technological advancement for the basis of the Iroquois culture. The longhouse housed up to thirty families that lived together and is a symbol of the Great Law that the Five Civilized Tribes was to abide. The Iroquois nation was actually many different tribes ...view middle of the document...

The antlers of the dear were a symbol of power and were worn by the chiefs of each tribe. The Iroquois primarily farmed corn, squash, and beans called the "Three Sisters" by the Iroquois people. The women did farming; farming determines the way the village lives. When the land was exhausted, usually between fifteen and thirty years, and crops yields were low, the Iroquois would move to another location, prepare the land, and begin farming again. The proper technique of farming the Three Sisters taught to early European settlers may have been the only thing that saved Europeans from starvation.The Iroquois lived in villages, which is still common in upstate New York. Many of the small towns are still called a village. The Iroquois village consisted of two or more longhouses, which are symbols of their nation. Each longhouse had five hearths but many families symbolizing the Five Tribes under one concept of peace. A longhouse was large enough to house thirty to sixty people and was from twenty-five to 150 feet long. They were constructed of wooden poles and covered in bark slabs with a space at the top for smoke to escape. Each family had their own space within the longhouse. Each space was about six to nine feet long and separated by curtains of animal hide. The Iroquois also built fences around their village with watchtowers to protect against invading tribes. The long house was a central way for the Iroquois way of life, many families living together in peace.The Iroquois matrilineal social structure was the design of the longhouse and symbolized their hierarchy. "Women were the great power among the clans. As everywhere else. They did not hesitate when occasion required 'to knock the horns of the head' . . . of any of the chiefs, and send them back to the ranks of the ordinary warrior. The original nomination of the chief always rested with them" (Fenton, 1972). The symbolism was taken from the traditional dwelling place, the longhouse, in which a matron, her daughters, their husbands, and children lived. The matrons controlled the clans, and children belonged to their mother's clan. In each nation, there were several clans that divided into two moieties and performing mutual services in political and ceremonial rituals. The five nations were spread from east to west across New York State from approximately the location of Albany to that of Buffalo. The Mohawk were the "Keepers of the Eastern Door" of the symbolic longhouse, and they were known as the "People of Flint." The Oneida were the "People of Stone." The Onondaga were the "People on the Hill," the Cayuga the "People at the Mucky Land," and the Seneca were the "Great Hill People" and the "Keepers of the Western Door." Each nation was said to constitute a "fire," symbolizing the line of hearths that runs down the center of the longhouse, with each fire designating two nuclear family units, one on either side of the fire. The Onondaga were also known as the "Keepers of the Central Fire"...

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