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The Haunted House It was a hot, sticky July evening and the day that John moved into what was said to be a old haunted house. It all started one night when he was watching TV and he heard something. It seemed as if the noise was coming from the basement down the hall. John wasn't worried. He picked up a maglite from off of the kitchen counter and walked toward the basement door. He opened the door slowly hoping that the noise he heard was a heater vent and not a ghost. He didn't see much so he figured that it was in his best interest to look around and find out if the house was actually haunted and that it wasn't his friends messing with him.A light flashed...then suddenly every thing disappeared. John was freaking out, he didn't know what to do so he went to his friend Joe's house. He explained to Joe that his house was haunted yet Joe didn't believe him."Come over then!" John said "NO!" exclaimed Joe "Why?" John asked "Because you said it was haunted!" Joe replied "Wait….I thought you said you didn't believe me?!" John inquired "Well, I changed my mind, said Joe, Hey, where is my mom?" The two boys looked all over and still they couldn't find Joe's Mom. They were beginning to get worried when they discovered a hole in the wall. Joe looked inside and screamed in horror because what he saw was a ghost and it was eating his mom! As much as they wanted to save Joe's mother from becoming an hourdouirve, there wasn't much that they were going to do about it but run.So they ran outside and confronted another ghost in a tree and then they looked over and saw a vampire sitting on top of an old beat up Ford. The two boys ran as fast as they could. As they were running Joe discovered that there was a police officer patroling the neighboring subdivision so they yelled over to him but they couldn't get his attention."HELP!!!!!" screamed John."MR. POLICE MAN…..HELP!!!!" bellowed Joe.Finally the squad car turned down their road and was heading straight for the two boys. They were expecting to see a police officer driving the car but to their surprise it wasn't a police officer, it was another ghost driving the squad car. Joe ripped the door of the car open and kicked the ghost in the forehead knocking him out the passenger side window."GET IN!!" screamed Joe."Do you know what you are doing, neither of us have our license and…" John said."Get in or stay here with a half unconcious ghost, what's your decision?" asked Joe.John slowly made his way into the squad car, wondering if he was about to do the right thing or not. He slammed the door behind him and looked at Joe with a cautious face."You know what you're doing, right?" John questioned."Of course I do." Remarked Joe.Joe put the car in drive and started to hit the gas but they weren't moving."I thought you knew what you were doing." said John."I do, we must be caught on something." said Joe."Get out and see what the problem is." Joe said."No, you get out and check, you're the one in the...

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1233 words - 5 pages in every room in the house with hope that the treasure is still there. In the end they come upon the living couple asleep in their bed, the treasure was still there in their possession and the light of the heart was the buried treasure.        The story, “A Haunted House” is written by the woman that currently lives in the house. The narrator starts by saying, “Whatever hour you woke, there was a door shutting” (p. 1). This begins the story by

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1924 words - 8 pages wish I could enter a cemetery without seeing the dead wander forlornly throughout the gardens. Holly and Kate just wanted to experience the thrill of being in an old run-down house that had a reputation for being haunted. The worst that could happen to them is they might hear a noise; they may even feel a bad energy. But for me, it was asking just asking for trouble as there was every possibility that the rumours were true; that the house was

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2665 words - 11 pages as if they where family (Lewis & Fisk 50). Also the house at one time was an orphanage in which two girls drowned in the pool (Lewis & Fisk 51). Various people believe that the house is haunted by a servant girl that was murder by her husband shortly after moving in with him (Lewis & Fisk 51). It is said that her ghost haunts the Fairlawn Mansion because she felt most happy there in her short life (Lewis & Fisk 51). Also in Superior there is a

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632 words - 3 pages Every time when I see a pumpkin, I would remember the Halloween decorations in Ocean Park; its Haunted House especially comes to my mind. I could still vividly remember Halloween two years ago; I went to Ocean Park with two of my friends. The Park was fully decorated with pumpkins and spiders. Some clowns and 'witches' were also wandering around to let people take photos of them. After I went to the toilet, I found my friends had disappeared! I

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1041 words - 4 pages HAUNTED HOUSESWe see haunted houses in movies and on tv all the time but what are theyreally like? Do they even exist? What are they like? Where are they at? There aremany questions and mysteries about ghosts and haunted houses that are veryintriguing.There are many famous haunted houses. One very famous house is EdgarAllen Poe's house. Many people claim to have seem not only his ghost but alsoghosts of his wife and other people that have lived

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