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The Haw Some Hickory Essay

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At first glance, you wouldn't think much of this small-town, country-style restaurant, tucked up in the corner of a run-out plaza. Yet as you draw nearer to this establishment, you seem to hear a quiet, but subtle sound of country music coming from inside. Upon entering you can't help but notice the pictures of all the smiling faces that are along the walls. This is a place that welcomes families and the whole community. Promptly before you have the chance to get too comfortable, you are greeted and then seated.
Now, seated, you have the task of looking over the menu and all of its possible choices. Without fail, our waitress comes over, introduces herself, and asks if we would like ...view middle of the document...

As we waited for our appetizers and drinks, Tyler and I began singing along to the music which was such a bonding experience as the waitress walked up smiling and laughed a little under her breath with our drinks and appetizers.
Moving right ahead, we each take our turns of ordering what our main course will be. I take my time and decide that I want the Haw-Some Burger, that comes with a side of fires. Tyler orders as well, picking the Gordo Burger. Now waiting in anticipation for our main course to be prepared and served, we both aim for the appetizer that is in front of us. The Fried Mac-N-Cheese has to be one of their best. As I put a piece of this delicious food into my mouth, my taste buds soar! The mixture of crunchy outer, and gooey inner just makes the experience fantastic. As I quickly finish off the last of the wonderful appetizers, I am quite parched from the fried food. So like any sane person, I reach to refresh myself, with the nearest thing. Such a thing would have to be Hickory's famous strawberry lemonade. To give a complete description would only do it justice. Top to bottom, this is a classic drink, all put into a giant old fashioned mason jar, and filled with lemonade and strawberry slices.
Just when I couldn't wait any longer, our meal had finally arrived. Sitting in front of me was a masterpiece of a hamburger. This burger was enormous; it appeared to tower over my plate and was still split into two sections. The bottom bun had the, one-half pound patty placed as the base,...

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