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The Hazards Of Milk Essay

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The USDA say that the average person needs to drink 2-3 fluid cups of milk per day, depending on age and gender, to maintain a healthy diet (USDA), “claims, which are misleading in the extreme" (Cancer Prevention Coalition, Para3). Milk is a beverage that can cause various levels of diseases that the process of pasteurization does not filter, along with additive hormones that also effects cows that are treated with these hormones and all the while, there are people in the world that have little or no dairy intake that find calcium in places other than dairy and who are generally a more healthy people.
What is in milk? Have you ever stopped to think? Growth hormones and pasteurization dramatically change milk for the worse. In milk there are natural components, and some elements in milk that are added in, some of which that can be hazardous to a person's health. Growth hormones called rBGH, recombinant growth hormone, are chemicals manufactured by companies such as Monsanto and American Cyanamid, which are put into the cows, along with insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1), to stimulate the production of milk (Cancer Prevention Coalition).
Unpasteurized milk or dairy product is also a factor to a body's health because unpasteurized dairy can be vehicles for the spread of pathogenic microorganisms (Cancer Prevention Coalition). Also IGF-1 is not destroyed in the pasteurization process; the pasteurization process actually increases IGF-1levels in milk. IGF-1can also be absorbed into the bloodstream and effect other hormones (Cancer Prevention Coalition). Pasteurization also cuts in half the value of calcium milk could potentially have. The nutritional quality of milk and cheese is altered in the pasteurization process and fat is increase while casein, the base of cheese, is taken away (Cancer Prevention Coalition). Also, both cow and mother's milk have a high count in enzymes which is an enzyme that separates calcium and phosphorus, allowing the calcium to be available to the body. Pasteurization destroys these enzymes that are so critical to the body.
Many possible side-effects or diseases are caused by the ingestion of milk or other dairy products because of the afore-mentioned inserts. Bovine growth hormones, besides just being present in your milk, pose great threats to the consumer’s health that have not been investigated by the FDA. These hormones can be particularly harmful to infants or children (Cancer Prevention Coalition). Increased amounts of cell-stimulating growth factors, identical to human hormones are found in rBGH milk. The rBGH hormone can be absorbed into the bloodstream and, along with IGF-1, can cause allergic and hormonal disarrays such as premature growth and breast stimulation in infants and help promote breast cancer in adults (Cancer Prevention Coalition). IGF-1“is responsible at least in part for the evolution of normal breast epithelia to breast cancer,” and “maintains the malignancy of human breast cancer cells,...

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