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I chose the hazards of smoking because I want to show people why smoking is bad for their health and those around them. It bothers me that not only am I ruining my health but the health of others who have the good sense not to smoke and are trying to take care of their own health. I picked this because I want to know what all the negative effects are on people who smoke. In addition, I chose this topic because I am interested in finding out what research is being conducted to help smokers who are having health issues due to smoking. I think people need to know that once they start it’s hard to stop and I know this from a smoker’s point of view. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I started smoking when I was 12 and I’m 18 now. After six years of smoking it makes it hard to stop even though I know my heart, lungs, and muscles are suffering.
I know that smoking accounts for more then 30% of all deaths from cancer, almost 90% of which are deaths from lung cancer. About 70% of the deaths from smoking are from chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In my opinion, smoking is one of the worst things you can do. I’ve had family die from complications caused by smoking. I know in 1492 when Columbus discovered America that he also discovered Indians who introduced him to tobacco. I know that nicotine reaches the brain within ten seconds after smoke is inhaled. Smokers has been found to have smoke in every part of the body and even in breast milk.
What I hope to learn about smoking is what kind of diseases or life threatening illnesses can result from smoking. How does smoking affect your heart, lungs, and all the other organs? How hard is it to quit and what are some proven methods to aid a smoker in quitting? What part of the cigarette makes you sick? Are there different types of tobacco and is one kind worse for your health than the other? Do filters serve a healthful purpose or are they just to fool smokers into thinking that if a cigarette has a filter it isn’t as bad for you?
I’m going to find the information for my paper by doing research and obtaining sources from many different venues. I’m going to look through health books and any other book I can find about smoking. I’m going to go online and search the internet and look for information. I will use newspapers, magazines, radio and television transcripts and encyclopedias to look for information to help me write my research paper.
Part II: Research
The dangers of smoking are a topic with which Americans are very familiar. Local, state and federal governments have passed many laws in an effort to curtail smoking in public places. Add to this the controversies of health issues, being socially unacceptable and impact on families because of cost, smoking has come to be considered as a death knell. Tobacco has had a long history and has some advantages along with the many disadvantages, but it is not the cash crop it once was.
In 1492, Columbus received tobacco as a gift from the Indians. In 1556,...

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