The Hazards Of Unsafe Driving. Essay

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Hazards of Unsafe DrivingDriving in and of itself is unsafe in its nature. The only thing keeping you connected to the ground is just four small patches of rubber. That is exactly why we should not take more risks while driving. Sure it may seem like you have layer of steel protecting you, but when you look at it, there is really not a lot between you and the ground when your going 50 miles an hour. The hazards of not following the rules of the road can be devastating. Not only can unsafe driving cause you to get a ticket and points against your license but it can also cause serious injury and sadly death in some cases. Must accidents are preventable by doing a few small things to insure your safety? I believe I read somewhere that some 95% of all accidents are driver error, which means nearly every single accident that occurs can be prevented by driving safely.One of the must common hazards of the roads is letting you get distracted by small things that you probably do nearly every time you sit behind the wheel of a car. In some cases, even more so with teenagers than any other group of people, other passengers in the car can distract you, you can get in a heated debate and begin to stop paying attention to the road and only to a passenger, fiddling with the radio is also another big one, I remember reading a story of a guy who reached in his backseat to change his tape and got in an accident and got killed because of it. Another big one is people see an accident and watch it instead of the road, sometimes almost causing them to become another accident. My mom once got in an accident by turning around for only just a second or so to see what my brother complaining about, the light was green when she looked back but quickly turned yellow, the car in front of her stopped and boomed, she hit it. It can only take a second or two of looking away to cause a dangerous situation that can be easily avoided. It can wait until the next red light or better yet when your off the road.Driving while tired is an enormous risk, I remember a few years back when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and caused an enormous crash on a freeway killing a few people, why you ask? Because he failed to take the required 15 minute rest break that he was required by law to. Now you do not even have to worry about taking back movies late anymore, they have it to where you can just bring it in the next morning! There is really no reason to drive while tired, just have someone else drive, or if you are on a long road trip with no hotel in sight for a long time, just pull over to the road and take a little nap for 15-30 minutes to help you make it the rest of the way. Must people think turning up the music or opening a window helps them stay awake, but the fact is studies show that it does not matter a bit if you blast the music as loud as it will go or open a window on a freezing night. The best thing to do is to just not drive or have someone else drive for you who awake...

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