The Healer Essay

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The Healer

Many people think of different things when they hear the name Jesus. To some
people who hear the name Jesus maybe nothing comes to mind. Many of the common
themes that come to mind when they hear Jesus’s name are forgiveness, teacher, or
kindness. When I hear the name Jesus though I think of someone who heals, someone
who will heal you no matter your role in society. Throughout the gospel of Mark, and in
Donald Senior’s book, Jesus: A Gospel Portrait, we see several occasions when Jesus is
healing someone of lower class, or someone who was looked at as an outcast.
In Mark’s gospel there are a few different occasions in which Jesus heals
someone. When Jesus went to Capernaum he healed “a man with an unclean
spirit”(Mark 1:23) when he said “Come out of him!” (Mark 2:25). From this we see how
Jesus is not afraid to heal someone that is not completely faithful, he is willing to heal
even if someone doubts him. Another example of him healing someone who is an
outcast is when he heals a man with leprosy. “If you wish, you can make me clean.”
(Mark 1:40) begged the leper, and Jesus responded with pity and said, “I do will it. Be
made clean” (Mark 1:41). This is another prime example of Jesus healing someone that
was rejected by society. Lastly, in Mark’s gospels we see him heal a deaf man in the
district of Decapolis. The people of Decapolis “ brought to him a deaf man who had a
speech impediment” (Mark 8:32). Jesus cured him when he “put his finger into the
man’s ear and, spitting, touched his tongue; then he looked up to heaven and groaned,
and said to him, “Ephphatha!” and the man’s ears were opened, his speech impediment
was removed and he spoke plainly” (Mark 8:33-35). This is yet another example of how
Jesus cures even the people who don’t have the purest of souls.
In Donald Senior’s book, Jesus: A Gospel Portrait, we see a couple more
examples of the healing powers of Jesus. In chapter five of his book entitled “Jesus
Heals” we see more instances of him healing the needy. Senior talks about how Mark’s
gospel “has Jesus begin a ministry with a burst of healing activity” (Senior, 100). For
instance, “Simon’s mother-in-law is cured of a fever in her home” (Senior, 100) by Jesus.
This shows that Jesus is willing to go to someone house to help someone out, they don’t
have to necessarily come to him for help. Senior also gives the example of Jesus giving
the ability to walk to a paralytic. Finally, Senior explains how Jesus heals a man with a
withered hand. All of these examples show the real power that Jesus possesses. They
also show how...

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