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The Healing Of The Blind Beggar

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My housemates and I were recently conversing of how excited we all were of the fast approaching Easter break. Everyone chimed in with their plans of visiting friends, loved ones, sleeping in and enjoying the relaxing time away from school. In retrospect no one, myself included, acknowledged the true reason for this time away, which is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ analogous to the eschatological hope. Through this class I acquired a better comprehension of Easter and its significance through the Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Luke begins with Jesus traveling to the land of Jericho to continue his ministry. On the way, he encounters a blind man begging along the roadside. The word of Jesus’s adventures and miracles had spread by word of mouth, which amassed a crowd surrounding him. The blind man, intrigued by the reason for the crowd, inquired what the hub bub was about to which they told him that, Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. To this the blind man shouted to get his attention, Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. Jesus hearing the blind man’s pleas stopped and asks the man to be brought to him. The man then asked for Jesus to help him by restating his sight and upon this request his sight was restored. He immediately showed his gratitude by following Jesus and giving praise to the lord almighty. This account much like many others in bible correlates as to how just how controversial, miraculous and inclusive Jesus was through his healing and faith, all which eventually lead to his crucifixion.
The gospel of Luke illustrates the controversies that surround Jesus through a triangular pattern where a person or group of people, usually the Romans or Pharisees, have a problem with Jesus’s actions, miracles, healing of and interactions with the marginalized. Byrne illustrates the controversies that surround the actions of Jesus Christ through triangular relationships of himself, the marginalized and a third party that’s usually very critical and disapproving which all gives evidence ultimately to his death. The pattern usually involves someone unhappy with Jesus and another who is hospitable to him, in this instance the blind man showed hospitality by simply beckoning Jesus referring to him as the Son of David despite the crowd’s interference. Son of David was the title used to refer to the Jesus, the blind man recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. This shows that the blind man might have heard of Jesus before and had faith that a miracle was possible. Blindness can also be seen as symbolic of how humans sometimes lack understanding of the greatness of G-d and need reassurance through their senses so by Jesus healing the man in front of the crowd it confirms that God is above creature. Jesus was able to heal the man by simply speaking it into existence. The bind man cried out “have mercy on me” which symbolizes a cry from an inflicted person in the society who expects mercy and is immediately given showing all how we as Christians...

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