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The Health Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

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Nowadays, it is impossible to turn on the television or reading newspaper without hearing the health benefits of the physical activity. This indicates that being active is very important for our lives in order to prevent different types of disease. Buddha said to keep the body in good health is a duty; otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. There is a close relationship between exercise and physical and mental health. Yet, people still do get not enough exercise and the obesity rate in United States and United Kingdom is very high. This essay will argue that the government should ensure its citizens exercise regularly. On one hand, people may think it is the government’s fault to promote useless exercise policies. Also, some may consider that promoting regular exercise will increase government expenditure. On the other hand, the success of some of the government promoting exercise policies has been neglected. In addition, the wealth of the state will increase if its citizens have a healthy body. Therefore, the state should ensure the health of its citizens.

Regular exercise will result in a positive effect physically and mentally. It is essential to have regular exercise. Firstly, a longer life expectancy is not only due to advanced medical technology but also regular exercise. Increased level of physical activity and fitness has reductions in relative risk of death by about 20%-35% (Blair et al., 1989; Macera et al., 2013 cited in Vina et al, 2012). Secondly, regular physical activity contributes to the treatment of several chronic diseases (Blair et al., 1989; Macera et al., 2013 cited in Vina et al, 2012). Chronic disease, high blood pressure, stroke are becoming common diseases in these days. However, it is very easy to prevent those diseases and having regular exercise is the key. Thirdly, physical activity has been found to be good for mental being. For instance, exercisers were on average less anxious, depressed and neurotic, more extraverted and were higher in dimensions of sensation seeking than non-exercisers according to a survey (De Moor, 2006). In other research, levels of mental health differed significantly by physical health status, where healthier respondents had better mental health scores on average (Kim, 2012). All in all, physical activities are beneficial to human lives and it is vitally important to have regular exercise in order to improve our health condition.

Some people argue that children in United Kingdom do not have enough exercise. The obesity rate in UK is very high, especially child obesity. Liberal Democrat sport spokesman Don Foster said that over success in the school sport masked the fact that large numbers of children still not doing enough exercise. Also, it is ridiculous for government to make commitments to rise the time children spend playing sport to five hours a week when some are doing less than half an hour a week (BBC, 2009). Nevertheless, the truth is, almost 50% more...

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