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The Health Effect Of Using Social Networking Web Sites

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1.15 billion account in Facebook. 400 million tweets being sent per day. 8000 users like some or other photo per second. 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites. This is the number’s language when we toke about social networking web sites, and these numbers it more likely to increase every day. People use the social networking web sites for many purpose such as known the news, have fun or communicate with friends and this is the main purpose. Social networking web sites succeed to grab the people to use it by offering new and interesting features. All that make us do not feel of the time that we spend on social networking web sites and do not care about the consequences. Recent studies show that social networking web sites are responsible for changing their users behavior that led to serious health problems. Social networking users should be more cautious when they are using it in order to avoid health problems.
Social networking web sites make us more isolated, and that could be a reason for health problem. Dr. Aric Sigman (2009) said: “Increased isolation could alter the way genes work and upset immune responses, hormone levels and the function of arteries. It could also impair mental performance.” This change on genes and hormone levels could cause health problems like cancer, strokes, heard disease and dementia. Maybe someone will ask how the social networking web sites make us isolate and the main purpose of it to keep people communicates with other? Yes, social networking web sites succeed keeping us in touch with friends in other countries or friends we did not see them since high school, but it change our ways of communication.
With Social networking web sites, we become more attractive to communicate behind the screen than communicate face to face. So, instead of meeting up with our classmates, we are chatting in Facebook. As a result of that, we are speaking less and typing more. This makes the communication massage hard to understand comparing with face to face massage because in face to face massage body language helps us to understand. Many studies show that students learn better when they given the lecture by a teacher rather than by DVDs or form YouTube. All these change form using social networking web site lead up to isolation and physical health problems.
In addition to bodily health problems, social networking web site could be also a source of mental problem such as stress. People spend more time in social networking web site and that mean more energy would need. Moreover, people with large number of followers are more likely to have stress. These people do not consider social networking web site a way to communicate anymore. They look for the social networking web site a filed to compete between them who get the largest number of followers! In order to continue in this competition, they try to provide something special in their page profile that ensures the continuation of their followers and add...

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