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The Health Effects Of Obesity In Adults

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Jennifer Nasser, RD, PhD, assistant professor in the department of biology at Drexel University in Philadelphia says “In short, obesity can affect functioning of all major body organ systems.” The definition of obesity is having an excess amount of body fat. This extra body fat can lead to having many health conditions that can even cause death. More than one third of the United States population is obese or overweight showing that obesity is a national epidemic. It claims the lives of over 850 lives a day and over 300,000 lives each year. Obesity is and can be the cause of multiple health risks and health effects in adults.
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It was the first cancer to be recognized as being related to cancer. The most likely reason for the increase of this cancer being associated with obesity is the obesity-related increase in circulating estrogens. Obese individuals have lower blood levels of adipohectin, an insulin-sensitizing protein, and these blood levels are associated with endometrial cancer. There have also been studies showing upper body fat being greatly associated with endometrial cancer. Breast cancer is another cancer related to obesity. Worldwide, breast cancer and obesity are both on the rise. In postmenopausal women excess body weight, poor diet, and physical inactivity have been associated with the increased amount of breast cancer. Studies have also shown a strong link between obesity and colon cancer. Being overweight or obese raises the risk of being both diagnosed and/or dying from this disease. Most cases start as a non-cancerous growth called polyp. Higher weights are associated with higher polyp risk. It has been shown that obese people are more than twice as likely to die from colon cancer as healthy weight people.
Obesity can cause multiple musculoskeletal issues, disorders, and conditions in adults. Extra weight puts metabolic and mechanical strains on muscles, joints, and bones. Obesity also increases the risk of back pain, disability caused by musculoskeletal conditions, and lower limb pain. Osteoarthritis of the hip and knee are both associated with obesity. Obese patients account for one-third of all joint replacement surgeries. An estimated 46 million adults in the United States report doctor-diagnosed arthritis.
There are many heart problems that can occur from obesity. Cardiovascular disease and/or death and coronary heart disease are big ones. In an analysis of 26 observational studies that had 390,000 people from several racial and ethnic groups from the U.S. and other countries it was shown that obesity was greatly associated with death caused by CAD (coronary artery disease) and cardiovascular disease. Women with a BMI of 30 or higher had a 62 percent higher risk of dying early from CAD and a 53 percent higher risk of dying early from cardiovascular disease. This is compared to women with regular BMIs. Men with 30 or higher BMIs showed to have similar risks. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is another heart problem that can occur from obesity. CHF is caused by the heart being unable to pump blood normally. All of the risk factors that normally increase the chance of heart disease, like obesity, also increase your risk of CHF.
Obesity can have a great impact on your quality of life. 17 studies have shown that people who are obese are more likely to have depression than people with normal healthy weights. An...

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