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The Health Of Children Is In Danger

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Typically when kids open the fridge for something to snack on they have many different types of foods to choose from. But what if a child had a choice between a piece of fruit or a piece of chocolate cake. Most would want the piece of cake over the healthier option of fruit. Who wouldn’t right? Although child obesity is becoming a serious concern, there are solutions that can prevent it. Childhood obesity in the United States has grown considerably in recent years. Between 16 and 33 percent of children are obese. Gregory Green, Clarence Riley, and Brenda Hargrove all from Fort Valley State University; and with Ph. D’s researched that being overweight during childhood increases the risk of developing diseases such as high cholesterol, hypertension, respiratory ailments, orthopedic problems, depression, and type 2 diabetes. Unhealthy weight gain is caused by poor diet and lack of exercise and is responsible for 300,000 deaths each year (Obesity In Children And Teens). If children do not adopt a healthier lifestyle it can cause health problems as an adult. Some things that may help to prevent child obesity are more physical activity in schools, taxing junk food, and parents should help educate their child how to have a healthy lifestyle and keep healthier options in the home.
One major aspect to being healthy is to have an active lifestyle, therefore one solution for child obesity is schools adding more opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day. Children should have at least 60 minutes of Physical activity everyday (Green, Riley, and Hargrove). One way to help this is by having gym everyday to help students to reach their 60 minutes of physical activity. Only 3% of elementary schools, 7.9% of middle schools and 21% of high schools provide daily physical activity (Green, Riley, and Hargrove). Another way to add more physical activity is to have modified sports so that any child who wants to play can and not having it based on a child’s ability to play but just to have fun while being active. Not only should schools add physical activity but provide healthier options in the cafeteria Proper nutrition is essential to being healthy. Children need protein,vegetables, whole grains, as well as fiber and fruits for nutrients. eliminate sugary drinks and have correct portion sizes. Eliminating junk food such as chips and candy would benefit a lot by instead adding many fruit options. By doing this children can have a sweet snack and choose what types of fruit they want. By prohibiting unhealthy options for lunch and adding more physical activity can help lower obesity.
Another solution for child obesity would be taxing junk food. One may agree that in grocery stores the healthier option is often more expensive compared to the less healthier items that are full of excess sugar and fat. Medical doctors Sara Salahi and Samantha Meaney have done research that explains...

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