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The Health Effects Of Chlorinated Drinking Water

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Analytical Chemistry is a branch of chemistry concerned with the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the elements or compounds that consists of the material to be analyzed. This section is divided into several methods and techniques and each one has its uses and importance, including: Volumetric analysis and gravimetric analysis, Thermal analysis, Qualitative analysis, Spectral analysis, Instrumental Analysis and Electrolysis.

Desalination of water by chlorine is considered one of the applications of analytical chemistry. Water pollution is a persistent problem which has led to the death of a lot of people in the world. Contaminated drinking water carries diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery. Since 1890 chlorine has been used to disinfect drinking water, which led to the eradication of diseases resulting from water pollution. However there are health effects of using chlorine to treat water such as bladder cancer which is caused by chloroform in the water. In addition a high risk of heart disease is also associated with drinking and bathing in chlorinated water which destroys vitamin E. .
Given that my research thesis is that chlorinated water has some negative impacts on the human body. The first that is important for me to research and find out the health effects on humans of chlorinated water. Second point I focus on the health effect of using chlorine by product .third point is that risk for congenital cardiac defects is a result of chlorinated water.
The Health Effects of Chlorinated Drinking Water
18%of all cancer of the bladder was caused by the drinking of chlorinated water .In addition, this days epidemic of heart trouble is caused by chlorinating our drinking
water. Also, it hastens the skin’s process. .
The result of the study conducted found that link between bladder, colon and rectal risks and chlorinated water increased about 1.1to2 compared with the risk of water that free level of chlorine (Crump, Guess, 1982, pp347). The possibility of colon cancer for female was in low level. On the other hand it was consistently increasing for male. male.

Concerning for group of age, the people who are above 65 years the odds ratios of...

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