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For this semester I have chosen to address the issue of the United States healthcare system. My tentative thesis for the Researched Position paper is “The United States federal government should implement a single-payer government ran healthcare system.” In this particular essay, I intend to present a concise, organized argument that this thesis is sound and important. The main topic is a universal topic for many people; thus I will be able to address great swathes of Americans while remaining focused on national legislators, my core audience. While this topic is controversial, I believe that I can present a valid and convincing argument.
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All of these would be affected by a transition to a single-payer system. Therefore, regardless of your nationality you have a valid reason to be interested in the structure and politics of the US healthcare system.
I find this issue personally compelling for a variety of reasons. First, the United States spends approximately 18% of its GDP on healthcare (, but even after reform, it is estimated that 27 million people remain uncovered. With the efficiency and desirability of the ACA in question, the right wing politicians have taken extreme measures to try evading or eliminating its various provisions, proposing a transition towards a free market solution. In contrast, I and some social liberals arrive at the conclusion that the healthcare system needs to be government ran. I personally believe that we have a moral obligation to provide efficient healthcare to all in the United States. Ultimately, healthcare is a part of the modern society, and it is fascinating to participate in the dialogue of the differing visions of our healthcare system.
Personally, I have strong feelings on this issue. As a person with Autism, and watching the treatment of other family member’s chronic health issues, I have first-hand experience with the US healthcare system in disease management. I have been deeply dissatisfied with the level of care and the corresponding costs. I have seen drugs that increase the quality of life and reduce overall costs be overpriced pushing people to dangerous actions such as rationing or ordering prescription drugs internationally. For these reasons, I am currently strongly in favor of a single-payer system.
Most of the discourse in the public sphere is nothing more that pathos driven drivel. Therefore, I will need to introduce enough background knowledge to catch up an individual who has been kept in the dark. The first step is introducing the basic concepts and possible structures of a modern healthcare system. Second, it is my plan to explain the current system and the changes from the pre-ACA era and the predicted effects in the future in addition to the effects today. Finally, I plan to conclude with a brief discussion on the overall arguments and sides.
I know a great deal about the issue developed this bank of knowledge from a lifelong passion of the US Healthcare system. My family has discussed this topic, leading me to research healthcare systems on the internet and at the public library. I understand both the Pre-ACA healthcare system in the U.S. and the changes caused by the ACA. In my research, I have also obtained information on the National Health Service of the United Kingdom and Canada’s “Medicare” concerning their operations, successes and failures. For all of the systems, I understand their basic structures and terminology.
While I have a large repository to draw upon because of my passion, I realize that I need to implement a more rigorous research plan to create an...

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