The Healthy Choice Essay

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After examining my nutrition log, I think my diet is not too well balanced. But it "˜s not my fault! The school system should have better food. All they have at a reasonable price that tastes good are chips, soda, candy and ice cream. The Sub-way sandwiches are $3.00 and the pizza is $2.75. I'm eating too much junk on a daily basis. My daily routine is some sort of soda and chips. On the first day of my log, I ate some chips, a soda, some top ramen, some very fattening pasta, and a glass of orange juice. Out of five items, only one of them had some real nutritional value to it. I don't see myself eating for no reason, I'm not into spending money on stuff I don't need. Maybe I'll start bringing a more nutritious lunch to school. I also need to start eating breakfast too. Water is huge problem for me. I know this, because the pimples on my face are telling me so. I remember a couple of months ago all I drank was water, and my face was crystal clear. Now I'm drinking hardly any water and my face is breaking out. Water is so important and I really should start drinking it more often. In a week I only drank six cups of water. That's less than what I should drink in one day! I really feel bad about that now that I look back on it. During the last couple of weeks, I've only exercised about two times. Part of it is because I got...

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More Healthy Food Options in Schools

1085 words - 5 pages nutrition, kids' willingness to eat those healthy foods, and freedom of choice. Clear benefits accompany offering more healthy food options in schools, and schools should provide them. Recent studies have shown offering more healthy foods in schools can increase kid’s academic performance in the classroom. A Reuter’s article entitled “Healthy Diet Means Better Schools Performance” points to a study conducted in 2008 by the University of Alberta

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884 words - 4 pages two events here are the oils in the blend that contain limonene and the oils that do not. Therefore, it is not conclusive which oils in the blend cause healthy breasts. The either/or fallacy is to simplify a complex situation, provoking a bias towards a simplistic choice for the audience. Healthy Girls Breast Oil tells us, “[She] knew there was something [she] could do to help women learn to accept, nurture and protect their breast health

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543 words - 2 pages be effective; national, state and local entities would be required to have access to information and up to date policy amendments. Initially, incorporating healthy living such as proper nutritional facts and regular exercise in local communities is a start, which will ultimately serve as a framework for the policy. When choosing healthy foods, organic foods are a healthy choice compared to the genetically engineered foods. A healthy diet and

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1004 words - 5 pages different forms to suit the audience. “Call Me Carly” is written as an interview and “Eat Yourself Healthy” is written as a report with diagrams. The form and language choice is decided based on the audience and purpose. It needs to be suitable for the purpose and audience to engage the reader and maintain the reader’s attention. Works Cited Four Main Purposes of Media, 2008 Community Knowledge Guide, accessed 16 April 2014,

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970 words - 4 pages Americans Should Eat Healthy Foods The overall health of the nation should concern every American within the United States. The populous has acquired a bad habit of turning to convenience foods because of availability, taste and comfort. Thus to re-direct the health of the nation, people need to stop crippling their health by convenience foods and replace it with healthy, natural choices, otherwise the health of all will continue to decline

Food that we Consume is Dentrimental to Our Health

962 words - 4 pages says. “In America, we consume lots of meat and dairy products, which are in high fat and we ignore vegetables.” I disagree, because the food that we consumed in America have enough proteins and nutritions provide our body to stay in healthy and shape. Some food may contains excessive amount of fat that harmful to our body. However, it is our choice and responsible to eat healthy or not eat healthy. If you go to food market, every food products has a

Just Say No

1012 words - 5 pages much at meal time. The best kind of snack would be something healthy. A good choice would be something like fruits, vegetables, a handful of almonds, or maybe a glass of juice. Things like cookies and other sweets should be limited to once a week or for special occasions. Another way to eat healthier is to cut back on salt intake. Some people don’t realize how much salt they accidentally take in. A lot of salt is in things like canned foods

Ensuring Healthy Living in the Community

1522 words - 7 pages Association, pp. 299-303. Harris, J. L. (2009, July). Priming Effects of Television Food Advertising on Eating Behavior. pp. 404-413. Horgan, K. B. (2002, September). Comparison of price change and health message interventions in promoting healthy food choices. pp. 505-512. Kristal, A. M. (2001). Predictors of self-initiaterd, healthful dietary change. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, pp. 762-766. Wagner, H. (2014, January 27). Effects of Subtle and Explicit Health Messages on Food Choice.

Regulate Yourself: Don’t Blame the Food Industry

712 words - 3 pages educate people about eating healthy and reading nutrition facts through public service announcements, implementing nutrition classes in the public schools. If people are educated on the matter then they would be capable of making a choice to be healthy. While Bittman is right that allowing food industries to practice self regulation is not working for gauging what’s a healthy or unhealthy product, food industries should not be forced to adhere to

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1036 words - 5 pages Food choice and people’s health are important issues in modern society. The development of fast food industry has produced many kinds of delicious and high calories foods which always have delicious taste, while new nutrition standards about nutritious food require that people have to avoid the high calories foods to avoid obesity. People now have enough information and know how to choose healthy foods; however, there are many elements in daily

Obesity a Big Problem in the United States

1295 words - 6 pages Sciences Center in Houston reported that study participants whose diets included plenty of whole grains and fruit cut their heart disease risk by almost half”, (Foods To Keep Your Heart, Brain, and Bones Healthy, section 2). Nuts usually aren’t the first choice in diets but since the fat that is found in them are unsaturated, they are okay to eat because that protect against heart disease. Foods that are vital for a healthy brain are fish, fruits

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1487 words - 6 pages above, give clear examples why we should not be eating industrially grown produce, but is organic food much better? Unlike dangerous industrially grown foods, organic food is safe, clean and healthy for the body. Sources FOOD FOR THOUGHT WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT ORGANIC http

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1006 words - 4 pages What we eat, the way we do it, and why we do it, will always be scrutinized and in this article the author does just that. She argues that eating healthy or not depends on witch social class we fit in; witch can be true in a way. However, eating healthy or not can also be a question of choice. Obviously having more money will always give you more choices and the option to go for expensive products with higher quality. The journalist goes back to

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1440 words - 6 pages Being completely naked strips us of more than our fabricated materials – our choice of clothes, shoes, shits, colors, styles, material, etc., are a part of our identity; who we are is defined by our choice of packaging. In a sense, clothing can provide an artificial identity. Depending on the event I might attend, my choice of clothing can profoundly affect my behavior, attitude, and mood. A two-piece suit gives me a level of confidence and

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316 words - 2 pages of healthy foods making a much easier choice to pick nutritious foods. Instead of having nearly half the menu being some sort of junk food students now have an easier choice to just eat a balanced diet at school, home and everywhere. Why will this menu work I our school environment? My team and I have carefully picked this menu to be more responsible, healthier, enjoyable and to have reasonable prices. These four reasons will help this new menu blend into the school community.