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What some Americans like about Health that others do not
As we take a look at the world around us we find that there are more unhealthy people then there were say fifty years ago. Back then there were smaller portions and not as many cars (if any). We walked to our destination and managed to hunt and gather. As a society we were much more active back in the 1900’s then we are coming into the 2000’s. Today we don’t have to hunt or gather we have cars to take us everywhere, and more often than not we sit around and have all of the things we want and desire... Except for one thing that only some people strive for, to be fit and healthy to have hunter/ gatherer type body. But how did we get so ...view middle of the document...

It also boosts the metabolism in effect making your body weight shift from a day to day basis. Genetic studies have shown that somewhere between 40-80% of our BMI is due to over a hundred different genes. One study found that some people can eat all they want and never gain weight, although this is simply not true. When people decide to eat what they want the food that goes into their body turns into what i call “Skinny Fat” ( Padykula). Skinny Fat is when someone eats a lot of junk food and rarely exercises, if at all. These people have a much higher risk for developing diabetes especially if they are thin as opposed to people who are obese. While having death as a problem being thin and having diabetes increases that chance by almost 30%. So ideally people around the world need to eat less saturated fat and exercise more, like they said on that food pyramid that we all learned in fifth grade fats, sugars, sweets and oils really are the thing we should eat the least of.
We all have different lifestyles some exciting and some boring. The way we live is what helps us identify why we are the way we are. Everyone watches television some more then others but thats just how it is and always will be. There are so many reasons why Television is linked to weight gain, but here are just a few (Fit). Seeing food on television, usually advertisements sell the most high in fat and sugar and seeing these will make us crave them more and thus making us eat more foods in general. The vast majority of humans watch at least 1-2 hours a day if not more, now imagine the types of foods you are being exposed to within that time. Watching television also requires less energy making your metabolism slow down, as a matter of fact watching television requires less energy than sitting in a chair or sleeping at night (Fit 4). What we eat throughout the day can also contribute to weight gain and unhealthy habits such as skipping meals. Some people think skipping meals will save them calories. In reality skipping meals does the exact opposite, this leaves your metabolism out of whack for the entire day. The way to lose weight is to find a sensible weight loss plan that includes making healthier eating choices, exercising, and eating throughout the day to keep your metabolism up (Bauer). There are many fad diets or weight loss solutions but most of them are just getting rid of water weight and as soon as that person is off of the diet they will gain back all or more than the weight they lost. Emotional eating is a way to suppress or soothe negative emotions, such as stress, anger, fear, and boredom (Mayo). There are several factors that may contribute to emotional eating some of these are Unemployment, Financial pressure, Health problems, Relationship conflicts, etc. In certain cases some people may eat less if emotions are a big conflict, but on the other hand this may become a habit as for emotions one may reach for food automatically. One of the leading causes of...

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