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Following the heart leads to a happy home while unconscious actions lead to a path of unhappiness. In the novel Looking for Me, Beth Hoffman creates many instances in which a character is influenced to follow what their heart desires as it will lead them to happiness. Through the use of Daddy and Josh, the author conveys the message that listening to your heart is better than following what others say. When given a decision to make, one should follow what their heart believes and not act upon the influencing opinions around them.

As a former war veteran, Daddy pushes Teddi to pursue in what she believes is best for her. To begin, Daddy finds and comforts Teddi after her career argument with Mama, which allows Teddi to see his understanding of her choices. After being prompted by her father Teddi says, “No, Daddy. I’m not alright, and I’m not going to that dumb school. I want to be a secretary as much as I want to shave my head! Mama won’t listen to a thing I say” (Hoffman, 26) and he replies “Come Monday, I’ll go down to the bank and talk to Loyd Turner about a loan. I’ll help you start recreating antiques as a job; I want you to be happy”(26). Daddy’s response clearly shows that he would like to help his daughter pursue what she is interested in and is not siding with his wife, even though her choice may be a more successful option. This event is essential in Teddi’s life as it is the first time that someone reaches out to help support her views and encourages her to do what she enjoys. Additionally, Daddy continues to support Teddi’s choices by creating opportunities for her to pursue her skill. On Teddi’s graduation Daddy handed her an envelope with money as well as a note, it read “This will help you find your way. Love, Dad(30). This simple and kind act which Daddy gives to Teddi is yet another demonstration of Daddy’s understanding towards Teddi’s choices. The note displays that Daddy would like Teddi to discard her mother’s thoughts and pursue ihat her heart desires. Despite Teddi’s mother’s on-going disapproval, Daddy opens the idea of pursuing what the heart believes to Teddi. Furthermore, Daddy is pleased when his daughter returns happily from her successful job to visit home. As they sat in the field he says, “Teddi, I became a War Veteran because I wanted to. My father wanted me to go into politics, but despite his pleas I went into something I loved. Come to think of it I still love it, and I’m glad you found a job which will keep you happy forever” (79). Daddy’s affection towards Teddi’s choices are evident here as he genuinely states his happiness for her. Through the use of his personal example, it is demonstrated to Teddi that she has made to right choice as her father who fought the same battle is happy to this...

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