Is Solidarity For Only White Women?

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The phrase “solidarity is for white women” emphasizes the limited amount of women in color who participates in academic debates related to female issues. However, this is ironic since solidarity means agreement among individuals with common interest. The phrase species white women even though minorities are the people excluded from the debate agreements. Allan G. Johnson would certainty say that the white women have the privilege in mainstream media. “What it does mean is that I’m also getting something that other people are denied, people who are like me in every respect for the social categories they belong to”. The phrase attempts to bridge the gap between the whites and minorities in mainstream women media.
Eduardo Bonilla- Silva, racism without race article, states that whites are in a privileged position in the racial order. “However, because all actors awarded the dominant racial position, regardless of their multiple structural locations ( men or women, gay or straight) benefit from what Mills calls the “racial contract”…)”. This means that the first main characteristic of a person is their race instead of gender. So people are judged by their demographic in relation to feminism. The characteristic is narrowed down to details.
“#Solidarityisforwhitewomen when pink hair, tattoos, and piercings are “quirky” or “alt” on a white woman but “ghetto” on a black one.” This tweet attempts to demonstrate the discriminative difference between two major demographic groups, Stereotypes are created by physical appearance, especially race. The main reason these tweets are created is provide minorities a chance to express their opinion about white solidarity and exclusion from conversations. Daily, these tweets symbolizes the struggle of minorities to matter in discussions in regard to gender roles.
In Shani Jamila’s testimony explains that black feminism is a struggle against the pervasive oppression that defines the Western Culture. Shani’s would want to reaffirm black women’s legitimacy and make them producers for intellectual work that pursue the gender issue in minorities. “I view it is an essential part of a larger struggle for all of our liberation. Our fight for freedom has to be inclusive”. The phrase “Solidarity for white women” does not plan to ridicule the non-minorities community. Instead it tends to instigate an extreme discussion among women of color and create a diverse group that speaks the main issues of feminism.

I never really understood the core of feminism until I had this class. I have experienced degradation by class and race, however women stereotypes was minimized. After listening to many discussions and watching videos about oppression, rape, history, demographics, and other subtopics, I realized that I have been marginalized by my gender.
The situation occurred when I was still in middle school. My family and I were having our usual Sunday dinner with my cousins and uncles. Uncle Udome and my dad were laughing about their...

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