The Help, A Literary Analysis

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Everyone is faced with trials and tribulations throughout their whole life. The saying “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% is your attitude towards it” was made famous by well known Christian extraordinaire, Charles R. Swindle. I strongly agree with this statement and try to live my life by it. In “The Help”, we spend some time getting to know two of the ladies in this story, Minny Jackson and Celia Rae Foote. Now these ladies could hardly be any more different, however they seem to be dependent on each other for various different reasons. As the story unfolds we learn more of their back story and who they really are as people. I strongly believe that in Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help”, ...view middle of the document...

Minny gave Hilly “what she deserve” (25) with a mysterious pie.
Also in chapter two Aibileen answers a call for Mrs. Leefolt from Celia Foote, asking if she could talk to Elizabeth and if she could possibly recommend a maid, Aibileen knows that the league members shun Cilia because she is dating Hilly’s now ex-boyfriend Johnny. Aibileen recommends Minny because she knows none of the league members will find out and ruin it for her. Upon their first meeting for the interview we learn a little bit about Celia, “She might be built like Marilyn…” (37) “I’ll bet she’s got on double the makeup the other white ladies wear. She’s got a lot more bosom to her, too.” (37). After a brief tour of the house they get to talking and start to finalize the arrangements for Minny to start working when she learns that Celia doesn’t wish to inform Johnny that she has brought on help for around the house, however she promises to tell him by Christmas
Now that we know a little bit about whom it is we will be talking about, let’s now focus on the three subplots in which I believe are designed to bring the two of them together. I believe that Kathryn Stockett put into this book to show the growth of Minny and Celia, Leroy’s abuse of Minny, Celia’s miscarriages, and the homeless man attack of the both of them. About half way through the book we get our first hints of two of two of the sub plots, the abuse and miscarriages. The miscarriages are first alluded to in chapter 10, when Celia is “waiting until [Minny] turn[s] the Hoover or get busy on a cake…” (152) to sneak up stairs to do who knows what. We later find out that she is drinking tonic to help her carry to term. The abuse of Minny is first brought up in chapter 14 in Aibileen’s head during a meeting for the book. “Minny had that big bruise on her arm cause that’s what Leroy do when he come home from work. He push her around.”
Also in chapter ten we see evidence of the young and budding relationship between these two characters. After a minor spat between Minny and Celia, Celia apologizes,” ‘I’m sorry I hollered at you like I did.’ Tears brim up in her eyes when she says it.” (157) although Minny just shrugged it off and said “Mm-hmm.” Later in the chapter Johnny finds out about Minny during their encounter in the house, during which he says “look after her…” to which she responds “Yessuh. Whatever you say.” (163). In chapter 17 however they have another spat, this one isn’t so minor, Celia ends up firing Minny because of an argument they got in due to Minny not holding her tongue. It all starts when Celia says “You know, I’m lucky to have you as a friend, Minny.” (263). Minny replies with “No, ma’am. We aint friends.”
After the weekend Minny goes back to get her job back realizing that she didn’t have it bad with Celia at all, and maybe Celia isn’t so bad herself. We learn...

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