The Help And The Interactionist Perspective

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In relating to the characters of The Help, the Interactionist Perspective is the major outlook on the world of sociology, which focuses on the concrete details of what goes on between three characters in their lives, how they connect to one another, why they do and believe in what they do. The Interactionist Perspective summarizes whether the three characters have evolved or regressed throughout the movie.
The Help occurs during the segregation period during the year of 1962 in Jackson, Mississippi. The main character is Aibileen Clark, a 50-year-old African American maid spending most of her life raising white children ever since her teenage years. She works for Elizabeth Leefolt, a wealthy ...view middle of the document...

The book’s motive is to stop the hatred and discrimination towards blacks from white people.

The book begins with only Aibileen Clark’s and Minny Jackson’s perspectives, but an editor of a New York publishing company, Elaine Stein, advises Skeeter to write more viewpoints from a minimum of a dozen maids in order for the book to sell, after receiving a rough draft of Aibileen’s and Minny’s perceptions. Elaine was skeptical about this book not only because of the lack of quantity of perspectives, but because she believed The Civil Rights movement would soon come to an end. This book comes into play as a favor for Aibileen and Minny Jackson, creating a friendship with Skeeter.

Aibileen Clark is the main character of The Help. Aibileen is a 50-year-old, African-American maid, who has spent her life raising children since her teenage years. She knew she was going to become a maid ever since she was a little girl; because her mother was a maid and her grandmother was a house slave. Aibileen raised seventeen kids in her lifetime, mostly white children. Her favorite baby she ever raised is Mae Mobley, the daughter of Elizabeth Leefolt. Aibileen does all the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and grocery shopping for the Leefolt family. Skeeter introduced herself to Aibileen during the Bridge Club meeting during the beginning, when Aibileen was cleaning dishes and listening to Preacher Green Sermon on the radio. After Skeeter heard about the distasteful Home Help Sanitation Initiative, she approached Aibileen and mentioned her idea on writing a book called The Help; which will focus on the maids’ perspectives on receiving discrimination and racial hatred from their white bosses.

Aibileen was scared about participating in Skeeter’s project in writing the book The Help because she thought it would get her and the other maids into trouble; Aibileen feared the whites would threaten or kill her. Skeeter tried to convince Aibileen that writing the book will be safe, but Aibileen did not think Skeeter knew how dangerous it was. The reason Aibileen agreed to become the first person to participate in writing The Help was because her son Treelore was killed by a white foreman on his job in construction; they ran him over with a truck and crushed his lung. The white foreman threw her son’s body on the back of the trunk, drove to the colored hospital, dumped him there and honked the horn. He was only 24 years old; and to Aibileen, that is the best age of a person’s life. Her son’s murder left a bitter seed, making her feel she was not accepted by the whites anymore. She remembered her son was always into writing, and she thought writing The Help was exactly what her son wanted to do. Treelore always felt there should be a writer in the family, and Aibileen felt by writing the book; she could not only express her feelings and observations, but her son’s feelings.

Aibileen felt it was critically important to make the book discrete; by changing her name and...

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