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The Help Essay Was The Author Justified In Writing A Story About A Group She Was Not A Part Of?

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Political activist Bobby Seale once said, “You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.” While this sentiment is definitely shared by Kathryn Stockett, author of “The Help,” There are many who see the writing of this novel as wrong. That white people cannot comment on the experience of people of color, as they have never experienced it themselves. The problem with this sentiment is that it does nothing to further equality, it only separates us further. People like Kathryn Stockett are working to further the cause of civil rights, and that is what truly matters. Kathryn Stockett, in writing The Help, speaks for a group a people who are not allowed to speak for themselves, gives a face to the evils of racism, and teaches a new generation the importance of acceptance, thus justifying the writing.

For decades, black people in the south moved from dead end job to dead end job, with most women ending up as maids. Speaking up would result in losing their job. White people abused this power and thought nothing of it.Those who could do something stood by the wayside, ignoring the gross underside of their society. Kathryn Stockett was one of these people. The day after 9/11, she decided to tell the story that had been ignored for so many years. “The Help” was born, the character Aibileen being inspired by Stocketts maid that she had growing up, Demetrie. Many of these maids were not given the education needed to tell their story, let alone the ability to publish a book. Stockett gives a voice to the maids of this time period, a group whose story would have been lost to time if not for her.
One thing that “The Help” does exceptionally well is show the extent of racism in the south at the time. It shows that racism was not just using different bathrooms than white people, or different water fountains, it was found everywhere. A good example of this everyday racism is the behavior of Hilly and Elizabeth, the novel's main antagonists around people of color. According to Skeeter, “Hilly raises her...

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