The Aid Of A Scientist And The Menace Of A Lobbyist

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Scientists and lobbyists share a primary purpose; they both serve to influence the status quo. Both Alfred Kinsey, a scientist, and Nick Naylor, a lobbyist, challenge the boundaries of their society. Whereas Kinsey stimulates the sexual aspect of his society, Naylor pokes at the value of ethics in a cigarette consuming society. The representation of argument is apparent in these films; Kinsey argues for a societal change in the awareness and education of human sexuality whereas Nick Naylor defends the cigarette industry as the Vice-President of the Academy of Tobacco Studies. In the film Thank You for Smoking and Kinsey, the rhetoric of argumentation is represented by two men that share allegiance to their work; however, the motive behind their work differs in galactic proportions.
The protagonists of both films were caught in a time frame when promoting sex and cigarettes was taboo. Alfred Kinsey is driven to educate the men and women in his society of the mysteries of human sexuality in a period of time when sex was secret, whereas the job of Nick Naylor is to promote cigarette smoking in a time when the health effects proved it to be a danger to the public’s health. Both these men share a similar predicament, though their approach to these obstacles differs. Kinsey unveils his argument through substantial research conducted by interviews and uses truth to justify his knowledge in an educational setting. Naylor, however, uses manipulation to reinforce the negative habit of smoking and tries to glamorize it in Hollywood movies. While Kinsey’s argumentation enhances the positive improvement of public knowledge, Naylor’s argumentation degrades the health, education, environment, and stereotype for the individuals in his society.
Both Kinsey and Naylor play a significant role in the media and American culture; nonetheless, Naylor’s reputation is undermined while Kinsey is regarded as a legend and is esteemed with respect until this day. Even though both Naylor and Kinsey have mastered the art of rhetoric, their motives are different in the way they contribute to society. When Kinsey and Naylor conduct their public appearances, they both effectively know how to employ the art of speech. When Nick uses argumentation to manipulate, he is able to protect the tobacco industry and by all means is ready to destroy lives of millions of Americans. However, many Americans today understand the detriments of smoking and are encouraged to quit with the help of nicotine patches and gums. Through Naylor’s speech and argumentative skills, he exploits himself and ultimately jeopardizes his career and his credibility. Kinsey, a taxonomist that collected gall wasps, evolved into a pioneer of sex research. His exploration in the behaviors of sex created a more open society where people could embrace their sexuality and address any sexual issues they were experiencing. By Kinsey speaking up in an open forum sex education course, he gave rise to sex education in...

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