The Hero Cycle In Ella Enchanted

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The Hero Cycle is what most stories follow, stories such as Ella Enchanted. Ella Enchanted is just another film that follows the Hero Cycle. It has an unusual origin, an ultimate test, and a great reward at the end. In the movie Ella Enchanted, Ella has fulfilled all of the Hero Cycle points, such as she is born with a strange gift, her ultimate test is finding a way out of her gift as she feels as it is a curse, and the reward is a grand married into the royal family.
In Ella Enchanted, Ella has a strange origin, typical in stories that follow the Hero Cycle; Ella is born and gifted the gift of obedience by her god mother Lucinda. Ella's mother wanted Lucinda to take back the gift, but Lucinda refused. Now Ella grows up with doing whatever's she is told, no matter who says it. This origin is a bit more magical than most stories that follow the Hero Cycle is still part of the Hero Cycle.
Like a lot of stories that follow the Hero Quest Cycle there is a journey before the ...view middle of the document...

In this magical forest Ella and Slannen encounter some ogres whom wish to eat Ella and Slannen. However, to their luck Prince Charmont comes to the rescue to help Ella and also agree to help Ella on her journey to find Lucinda. When Ella finds Lucinda, Lucinda refuse to take back the gift, Lucinda states the Ella must get rid of the gift herself. A journey like this is very typical in Hero Quest stories. Thestory of Ella Enchanted includes Ella encountering a magical forest and a labyrinth as Ella is trying to find her god mother. This is where the crisis, another major point in the Hero Quest Cycle, comes into action.
As most Hero Cycle stories there is also a crisis. The ultimate test in Ella Enchanted is to overcome her gift of obedience. The king of Frell, Edgar, wants to remain king and wishes to kill Prince Charmont, Edgar’s nephew, to remain king. King Edgar comes to know of Ella’s obedience and orders Ella to kill Prince Charmont when he proposes to her. After the crises the crisis, then the protagonist is presented with the ultimate test they must overcome.
In Ella Enchanted the ultimate test is that Ella wishes not to follow this order as it means killing someone she loves. When Ella is about to plunge a dagger into Prince Charmont's heart she orders herself not to further be obedient. With this she has broken her gift and no longer is obedient. In many Hero Cycles stores the ultimate test is a fight, or to destroy someone. However, in Ella Enchanted it a mental test as Ella has to get rid of the obedience gift herself.
As most Hero Cycle stories go there is always a grand reward at the end followed by an important marriage. In Ella Enchanted, her grand reward is overcoming obedience and marrying Prince Charomt whom she loves, and being part of the royal family.
In conclusion, Ella has a life that follows the Hero Quest Cycle. From hers unusual origin of being gifted the gift of obedience, Ella’s journey in the magical forest and to the grand reward and marriage, of overcoming her gift of obedience and being marrying into the royal family. In all the stages of Ella’s life it resembles a typical hero’s life and represents the criteria of the Hero Quest Cycle.

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