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The Hero's Journey Demonstrated By Leigh Anne Touhy

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A Campbellian Hero is a simple archetype discovered by Joseph Campbell has become widely popular with the help of Christopher Vogler. The Hero must go through a series of challenges, and meet a wide array of archetypes along the way. The Blind Side, directed by James Lee Hancock, shows that Leigh Anne Touhy goes through obstacles, and meets people along the way that makes her the ideal Hero. Leigh Anne Touhy is a Campbellian Hero due to the obstacles she faces, and the archetypes she comes in contact with.
Leigh Anne leaves her Ordinary World by Crossing the Threshold into the Special World, where she must overcome a series of challenges. Leigh Anne’s journey begins when she helps out a juvenile in need. As a wife and a mom of two Mrs. Touhy seems to live a normal life in her Memphis, Tennessee home. Ole Miss graduate Leigh Anne Touhy and husband Sean Touhy run a fast- paced and hardworking household in their quaint Tennessee home. A Campbellian Hero must have an Ordinary World that she is able to leave in order to get to the Special World. Heroes do not always look the same, or even appear as a Hero, “Heroes wear many faces because of their responses to the numerous needs of individuals” (Brown). Young Michael Oher is trying to find a place where he fits in and is accepted, when the Touhy family welcomes him with open arms. She soon realizes that Michael in is need of help and she says herself, “I just think Michael needed somebody, and it was so evident that there was nobody in his life. And it just broke my heart” (Touhy). Leigh Anne reacts to her call to adventure briskly and almost without second thought. Leigh Anne Touhy is the matriarch of the Touhy family, and she is the one that runs things. She does not have a mentor, nor does she meet one. The closest influence to a mentor would be her husband, and children, Sean, Collins, and SJ. After the very brief moment of refusing the call, Leigh Anne tells Sean, who is driving, to stop and turn around, and when doing this she crosses the threshold. Leigh Anne gets out of the car, and then asks Michael a series of questions, like: “Why were you going to the gym? … Do you have a place to stay tonight?”(The Blind Side). By Crossing the Threshold, Leigh Anne proves to be a Campbellian Hero. Although Leigh Anne does not meet all the obstacles, and archetypes, she still proves to be a Hero.
A Hero meets all kinds of people, some who help them, and others who completely go against them; while meeting these people the Hero must also go through a series of challenges that will either make them or break them. Leigh Anne comes across people who are exceedingly willing to help her in her journey. Coach Cotton, for example, helped her by taking Michael under his wing, and getting him accepted to Wingate Christian School. Coach Cotton was able to look past the fact that he wanted Michael at some point to play football for him, and help him with his academics. Ms. Boswell, Michael’s science teacher, helps...

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