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The Heroism Of A Community Essay

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History has shown how Japanese people are stoic people. During the time of terror and grief they showed no emotions but put one foot forward and continue to strive to build their communities. The six characters each experience the bombing but feel as if it only happened to them at first.
The plot of Hiroshima is about six people who survived the bombing of Hiroshima. He writes in chronological order and gives details about each characters and what they experienced.
The protagonists of the story are the six characters. The six characters struggle to survive after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. They had to overcome diversity due to the disfigurement, loss of love ones and their homes due to the bomb.
The antagonist of the story is the atomic bomb. The bomb caused damages that affect the lives of the protagonists for decades until their death. It also affected the community of Hiroshima. Americans are not considered Antagonist of the story due to the Japanese community of Hiroshima thinking that their demise was caused by the result of the war.
The climax of the story was days after the bomb had landed on Hiroshima. The people were in shock but through the shock they still helped others. “Dr. Sasaki worked without method, taking those who were nearest him first (Hersey, p. 48).” During the climax Hersey informed the readers of the community and their fear of starvation, dehydration and death.
The themes in the story are the Japanese stoic patriotism, community survival and the effect of war. Part of the reason Mr. Hersey wrote their story was to show the readers how the community survived the destruction. How the destruction did not only bring unity to their community but made them stronger as a people and developed a new family. As Hersey states in Chapter Four, “One feeling they did seem to share, however, was a curious...

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