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The Heroism Of Minerva Mirabal Essay

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How do the Mirabal sisters compare to colonial patriots? Both fought for freedom. Both
risked their lives to gain their freedom. And even though all of the Mirabal sisters were involved,
I believe that Minerva was the most courageous. She fought for her personal freedom, she fought
for the rights of women, and she even brought her own family into the rebellion to assist her in
fighting against tyranny.. Through this essay I will explain my overall opinion and show that
Minerva was the bravest and most devoted of the Mirabal sisters.
Minerva first began to show her bravery when she wanted to go to a boarding school. She was
not afraid of being away from home, even as a child. She wants to ...view middle of the document...

Under the rule of Trujillo, women were not allowed to go to law school, but Minerva
stood against this. Her first attempt to push this was more of a nudge. This was at the formal
dance when Trujillo began to dance with her and they began to talk. Minerva thought to use the
opportunity to her advantage and requests that Trujillo allow her into law school. Despite her
attempts, Trujillo ignores her pleas responding with "The university is no place for a woman
these days," and he then continues to attempt to fondle her. Trujillo continue to try to seduce
Minerva, who quickly stands against Trujillo and states, "I'm afraid I'm not for conquest."
responding to Trujillo saying that Minerva would make a nice conquest. She realizes that she has
failed to persuade Trujillo and attempts to leave, but Trujillo holds her against him. When she
attempts to pull away a second time, Trujillo becomes quite vulgar. The third time that she
attempts to leave and fails, Minerva slaps Trujillo without contemplating the consequences. This
obviously angers Trujillo. The Mirabals depart from the party to avoid any punishment. Over the
next few days, the Mirabals attempt to apologize for leaving the party earlier, but are eventually
called in by Trujillo. Trujillo begins to make small talk about his dice and of the Mirabals
breaking the law and leaving the part early. Minerva then raises a question about the dice and of
her request to be allowed to go to law school. Trujillo expands this when he states, "I'll tell you
what. I'll let you toss for the privilege. You win, you get your wish. I win, I get mine.", Trujillo's
wish being to bed Minerva. This is Minerva's first outright challenge towards Trujillo. She rolls
the dice and gets doubles. Of course, Trujillo rolls his weighted dice and gets doubles as well.
The two decide to call it...

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