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Living in a divided society based upon the religions of the Puritans and the Quakers, Evan Feversham sought out his own religious faith through his daily interactions with both religious groups.

Evan Feversham was a very cynical man who had been witness to far to many wars and sorrowfulness. In a world already so full of hate and distress, he could no longer bear to witness such horrible acts of cruelty upon the suffering, yet he dealt with them each day being a doctor. He was a man of reason, attempting to solve his problems with plain and simple reasoning, for he did not believe in much anymore due to the events he had witnessed with his own eyes. From the very early ages of his life, Feversham had very little faith in God, for he felt that God had let him down by allowing the death of his father. From that point on, he had witnessed countless other deaths through participation in numerous wars and being a doctor. He was a man with very little faith in mankind, for all he saw were the death and misery that others inflicted upon each other. He began to lose more and more of his faith in God and began to reason more about why things happened and were the way there were.

Through his daily interactions with both the Puritans and the Quakers, Evan Feversham appreciated both religious groups a bit better and picked up some of their religious beliefs. Dr. Feversham and Squire Hunt did not like each other a bit, for they shared different views about God’s word. “…and I say let them go, let them go back on their lousy ship and sail away, and then perhaps, we can live the way God meant us to.” “Will you read me God’s word, Feversham? I’ll read you some – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” (35) Dr. Feversham thought that Squire Hunt was a brutal man acting upon his emotions and never giving himself time to reason. It seemed that every time Dr. Feversham...

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