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The Hidden Life Essay

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Goodwin used couple different methods, participates and a few setting over her course of study. In the beginning she was observing kids of the ages from ten to twelve year old, mainly girls were observed. The location was initially at 5 schools during the 1970-1999. 1970- 1971 was focused on a playground in Philadelphia consisting of African American working class children. 1994 was done in Ridge Spring, SC consisting of African American migrant worker girls. 1996 research was conducted in Columbia SC where both girls and boys from ESL class with mixed ethnicity. 1997-98 was done in La with working class Latina and Asian girls. During the late 1990s the study focused on mixed class and ...view middle of the document...

These finding were validated because the author provided the reader with transcription, voice recording graph of the pitch level during the word calling during a negotiation of the broken rule of a player as well as video of the interactions. In the following chapter we see that girls voice their opinions about the use of the field. They say that the boys “ball-hogs” or choose girls last (Goodwin 2006 pg 100). So through their voicing of opinion caused the school to “implemented a policy permitting rotation of football and soccer for those children of either gender who signed up wanting to play that allowed equal access” (Goodwin 2006 pg106). We see that the girls also speak up against older girls that attempt to take one of the girls’ lunches, when one of the older girl come and take one of the girls lunch she objects and take back her lunch. We also see that a hierarchy is form among the popular girls. This occurs through role playing where certain roles assigned. This chapter the interactions were documented via interviews, photos that was rubbed and transcripts. There was a sufficient amount of data collected to back up the author claims of her findings.
In the remaining four chapter of the book Goodwin discussed several more of her findings. In chapter four Goodwin noted that a simple game of jump rope could be competitive where both girls and boys play in the game. We also see how boys have a more clearly defined hierarchy compared to the girls. The boys would have a set person to follow and more welcomed non group members, where girls would abandon their leader if she didn’t not exceled enough during the competition and would not welcomed outsider among them. Goodwin did find that Boys and girls did shared negotiating and accusation moves. In the following chapter we see how boys and girls were somewhat similar in their social hierarchy of ranking themselves. We see that girls would role play about and show their higher status from other through things like travel, number of houses they owned and brand clothing, etc. While boys would brag about buying things that were “cool”. Indicating that both sexes have a desire to be social superior or at least feel superior to others. This goes further in depth in the next chapter; we see that girls evaluated others based on clothing and looks and use negotiation to confer ones opinion of another, which can be seen in examples 6.1-6.2 (Goodwin 2006pg 191-192). Alliances are shown among the girls that are “in” and out through special hand-shakes or clapping. During a clapping between Aretha, Sarah, and Angela we see that Angela body position is align behind Sarah and doesn’t make contact with...

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