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The Hidden Message Behind Kid's Tv Ads Merritt Essay

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Mendoza 3
Stephanie Mendoza
English 201A
The Hidden Message in Children’s T.V ads
Are you aware of the tens of thousands of hours of commercials the average student has consumed by the end of high school? Or have you ever realized the blatant racism in kid’s TV advertisement? This seems very improbable to me to see after years of awareness rising and the progress of Minority characters portrayed in adult TV ads and programming. I have decided to further investigate the situation in my English class my professor has a link on his website to a series of child’s TV ads and from there I have reviewed them off replaying them trying to catch the hidden message, and taking an abundance of notes. I came to the conclusion that minorities are still being discriminated against children’s programming. As I added it up the numbers the facts made it clear that the ads are selling sugary cereals, fat- harmful foods and Barbie images. The message is used as a fertilizer that all powerful, White males dominate the world this stereotype continues to feed the minds of children and racism. In John J. O’Connor’s article, “What Are T.V. ADS Selling to Children?” he states that, “Commercials sell attitude and values.” From my point of view these “values” are horrific and racism continues to eat its way into children’s minds and perceptions. In children’s TV ads, they consider one’s race more present, more dominant and don’t take into consideration the harm they’ve produced.
In children’s TV ads, they place the white dominant male as the star role as for the minority in the secondary position is obvious, but allowing these TV ads to feed the children’s minds on the stereotypes that white males are the more dominant and everyone else is the secondary role is just horrible. In my investigation, I viewed a silly slammers commercial where the stereotypical white male plays a leading role and next to him as an African-American boy playing as the sidekick along with a Caucasian girl. The message is clear that the white male dominates while the minority is used as the secondary position. According to O’Connor, “The leader of the pack is invariably a white boy, preferably blonde.” In the Burger King commercial, I also viewed was a Caucasian boy given the star role and even the animated character that got him out of gym class was a white blond-haired boy. Once again, the white male was the dominant role and therefore the hero in the commercial I looked towards the extras in the commercial it was all Caucasian children. The hidden message in this commercial is that white people are suited better for the prime roles of power. These TV ads are not only advertising their products but are giving kids the message that if I am a person of color I will never be the star.
I have also noticed that imbalance of race representation while watching these
commercials, White people maintained to outnumber people of color. Well watching...

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